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Forex Pip Shooter Review

forex pip shooter

Hello everyone! We’ve prepared a brand-new review for you. The new one will be the Forex Pip Shooter robot. Let’s take a look at it. 

About Forex Pip Shooter robot 

Reaching the official site, we see the box and the key statements.

forex pip shooter

So, what we’ve got. The robot has been designed to run on the MetaTrader 4 platform. It has an average execution speed. It’s simple in usage. The robot provides fully-automated trading. It has advanced analysis technology, pip shooter one. As well, the seller provides 24/7 quick support. The robot work with almost every popular currency: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. So we can trade 28 currency pairs.

forex pip shooter currency

We’re suggested even to calculated our expected annual profit. 

Applied strategies 

The devs told us that it was the first robot across the board that uses Pip Shooter technology for quick and safe trading. “Working on resistance and support price levels of these pairs, thanks to breakouts, rebounds, and correlations. The lowest spread is required because the price entry levels are so precise that a higher spread could miss them or generate a lower profit from each trade,” they said.

Devs noticed that Forex Pip Shooter is designed based on the next strategies: spread trading, breakout, hedging. The robot provides applying various patterns to guarantee safety of an account. 

Forex Pip Shooter robot trading results

forex pip shooter robot trading results

What the hell is “Boom”? Is it mean something cool or what? 

The devs provide us no results at all. Just another robot with the wall of useless text.

forex pip shooter robot trading results

But we’ve found an account of a person who tried it on the demo. So, you can see how it goes. 

forex pip shooter robot trading results

The robot slowly but surely screws the demo account’s money.

Pricing And Refunds

forex pip shooter robot pricing

The word “secure” looks kind of fun. Secure from who? If you need to secure something or someone call the police. What “I will pay per year”? What the hell is this? Why did the seller write like this instead of “the price is”, probably because of some kind of frauds. As well, the seller doesn’t provide any money-back guarantee or similar services. 

What else you should know about Forex Pip Shooter

forex pip shooter

Wait a sec! Do you want to sell the robot or push your friendly brokerage company? During the presentation reading, we have been heavily pushed to buy a product asap. There were at least three or four times. People usually incline not to trust brokerage companies, because of no reason. Only the reputation of it told by many successful traders can change people’s opinions. 

Overall rating
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