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Fastron Robot Review

fastron robot

Good day, the community. We’d like to introduce to you a review of a brand-new robot called Fastron. Let’s go on the developers’ site to check what’s up with the presentation.

fastron robot

The first cheap trick was about downloading.

fastron robot download

The seller tries to confuse us telling about downloading and after that immediately about require to buy a copy first.

why choose fastron robot

The presentation only notices that there are some features, but tells us nothing about what they’re needed for.

Applied strategies 

Fastron includes several patterns that analyze indicators to find the best point to get in&out of a deal. These strategies are based on indicators provided by the MetaTrader 4 platform. In general, patterns give data about when the market flips in order to place an order. 

Fastron robot trading results

Fastron has got its own real account where it runs.

fastron robot trading results

The account totally has been deposited for $1700 and runs from November 2019. So, the account is live for 70+ days. During the period the forex robot managed to get $734 of profit. 

fastron robot trading results

Weekly return is high and equals +2.9%. The monthly one is 12.9% and it’s a very high result. The profit factor is high too (1.43). 

The pick of DDs is 21.7%. The robot performs on average 11 trades per day. 

fastron robot number of traders

As you can see from the chart, Fastron prefers to trade USD/CHF, EUR/USD and AUD/USD currency pairs.

fastron robot currency pairs

The profitable is vary depends on currency pairs. The most tradable pairs have a 73-76% win rate. 

fastron robot currency pairs

The fx robot trades well in both directions keeping the average win rate the same.

fastron robot trading results

The profit depends on months is vary. At 16 of January 2020, there’s +17.9% of growth.

fastron robot trading results

As we can see, there truly are several strategies where the first four are used the most. Depends on the strategy the win-rate varies from 70% to 77%.

fastron robot duration profitability

The most amount of profitable trades is gathered the first 150 hours of trading.

Pricing And Refunds

fastron robot pricing

Fastron costs mid-price across the market. In the $200 package, we’ll get 2 licenses, free updates, support and demo account. For $300, we’ll get 4 licenses. For $420 unlimited licenses (no restrictions). The seller doesn’t provide any kind of money-back guarantee services. So, making a final decision, you have to be ready to lose at least paid for the robot money. 

Other notes

We’d like to notice there are several weeks during the trading period with losses. It means that the money management system is not that good. So, you can’t fully rely on its performance.

Overall rating
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