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Forex Impulse Trader Robot Review

Forex Impulse Trader Robot

Forex Impulse Trader has been designed by the AutomatedForexTools company. They provided many of the cheapest EA. Now, their case includes six robots with $23-41 prices. It’s as cheap as ordering pizza for dinner.

So, let’s talk about the EA. The main idea behind this strategy is to detect the impulse and to open two trades at the same time and in the same direction. In order to manage this, “there are separate take profits for both trades: FirstTrade_TP and SecondTrade_TP. When the first trade is closed with profit, then the robot sets take profit value to the second trade. The distance is equal to the SecondTrade_TP parameter’s value (in pips) from the close price of the first trade,” devs explained the strategy.

Features and settings

The robot trades six currency pairs:

  • EUR/USD,
  • GBP/USD,
  • EUR/AUD,
  • USD/JPY,
  • USD/CHF,
  • EUR/JPY.

The most successful pairs are, according to devs suggestion, EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The forex robot can be applied to trade other currency pairs but a trader has to know how to customize settings. The recommended time frame to work is M15. 

“Some of the parameters have 0 (zero) as default value. Since the robot supports several currency pairs, we have integrated the optimized values in the robot. The real values can be seen in the information box.

If you want to optimize the robot for an unsupported pair, you have to optimize the following parameters:

  • StopLoss
  • FirstTrade_TP
  • SecondTrade_TP
  • TradingHours
  • ImpulseLenght
  • SecondStartTrail
  • SecondTrailStop.”

The reasonable trading risk we’re suggested is 2%. In order to start trading well, we have to have at least a $500-$1000 account balance to trade. The last recommendation is to try the robot on the demo account before applying it to the real one. As well, we have to set correctly GMT offset of the broker we use. If we can’t the devs provide needed support.

Forex Impulse Trader Robot Features

The list of the feature we can see on the screenshot. The robot is fully-automated, works will all brokers including the US ones. The devs provide lifetime support. The system ahs got high slippage protection, high spread protection, money management system, broker protection, loss recovery system. The robot manages to trade with low drawdowns. It can be customized well, it’s easy to use and support six currency pairs.

Forex Impulse Trader trading results

Forex Impulse Trader Robot Backtests

The devs provided 10 backtests results.

Forex Impulse Trader Robot Strategy tester report

It’s the EUR/USD currency pair and trading with low risk on the M15 time frame. The initial deposit has been $10000. The total profit amounted to $12828. The profit factor is 1.5. The max drawdown has been 6.69%. The average win-rate across longs and shorts positions is 60-62%.

Pricing & Refund

Forex Impulse Trader

The robot costs $41 with -$28 OFF. The package includes one real and two demo accounts, 24/7 support, lifetime updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How good is Forex Impulse Trader Robot taking into account its price?


  • Strategy explained
  • Settings explained
  • Backtests provided
  • Broker protection
  • High slippage & high spread protections
  • Fully customizable
  • Cheap offer
  • 24/7 support
  • Lifetime updates
  • Demo version available
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Six currency pairs allowed
  • No real 3rd part verified trading results
  • No feedback
  • No rates across the web
  • Cheap offer
  • Sells not through official sites like ForexStore, MQL5, etc.
Overall rating
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