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Arbitron Forex Robot Review

arbitron forex robot

The presentation starts with huge numbers of potential profit and the robot is introduced as an EA that is able to provide a monthly profit of thousands percent. The page includes some screenshots, but without checking the official accounts on fxblue or myfxbook we won’t provide them.

Devs explain the strategy of arbitrage trading “It’s a method that’s not predicting the future market movement but trying to identify where the market will go on a broker based on another price feed and profiting from those differences. arbitrage trading is a type of trading where the trader uses special software to compare a fast price feed with a slow price feed broker. When the price on the fast feed is higher than the price on a slow broker it creates a buying opportunity. When the price on the fast feed is lower than the price on a slow broker it creates a selling opportunity.”

The main goal of the strategy to get data faster than your broker does. For this, the company “gets it in our software much faster than most of the brokers. We use powerful servers, located as near as possible to the fast feed data center (you don’t need your own for this – because you can use ours).” The next statement that the devs find the price feed which is much faster than 99.9% of the MT4 brokers. If it was so they would never share this knowledge because brokers feel robbed and do something with this.

The pricing system looks like on the screenshot. This pricing feeder connects with MT4 terminal, so, that should work faster than brokers do. “Arbitron has a built-in protection module that makes its trades appear to be like normal operations and not arbitrage,” devs said.

Arbitron features

  • Fully-automated trading. It does everything for a trader: opens, closes, and manages trades.
  • Auto-settings provided. The robot is good-to-go from installing. No additions setups or tunings are required. 
  • Premium price feed. The EA is connected to the “lighting fast” price feed to get as much profit as possible.
  • Cloaking mode. The EA disguises trades to hide Arbitron trading patterns.
  • Updates and support. The EA will have free updates and we have free and welcome support.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Arbitron trading results

There were 14 links on 3rd part verified accounts.

arbitron myfxbook statements

There are several the closest to us accounts. So, the main strategy is to trade about a month like an average trader after that to make several arbitrage trades and pray that a broker allows withdrawing the money.

arbitron myfxbook statements

It’s a real USD account traded through little known Traders Trust broker with 1:500 leverage o the MetaTrader 4 platform. During a month of trading, the robot provided 9.2x profit with mid drawdown (21.34%). The deposit has been $305 but the broker “allowed” to get back just $738 from $1920 of the balance.

arbitron myfxbook statements

There have been traded 246 deals with just 583 pips. The win-rate was between 53 and 59%. The average win was 2.5 times more than the loss. The average trade length has been no longer than 1 min. The profit factor was 3.42. 

arbitron myfxbook statements

The robot traded everything it had got the price about.

The most tradeable hours have been between 5 and 6 p.m.

arbitron myfxbook statements

As we can see, Wednesday has been not that good by trading successfully

The robot ended trading with a mid-level of the risk of ruining the account.

arbitron myfxbook statements

There’s monthly results.

The same pictures are on mostly every account of them.

arbitron myfxbook accounts list

It’s the extended list of robot performances. as we can see, there are just two demo accounts.


arbitron pricing

The robot has been presented in two packages. The cheapest one costs $350/month. We’ll get trading software, one-lifetime license, updates & support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For $800, we’ll get the “one-time payment” package.

What the chances are that Arbitron is a scam?


  • Strategy explained
  • Many real USD accounts presented
  • Incredible profit
  • Low or mid-level of drawdown
  • All currency pairs traded
  • Huge profit factor
  • Small terms of using an account
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You become an enemy for every broker
  • It’s hard to withdraw all the money
  • It’s kind of legal pirating 
  • High price for a lifetime package
Overall rating
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  1. I originally made good profit on this turning 100usd into 4000 withdrawing 3k and turning it back into 4k. Withdrew another 3k again.
    EA then when it got to 2k threw a wobble and I lost 500usd in a day. Since then I had to minimise the lot size down and trades have been really slow now for 3 weeks. Some weeks 150usd win others a 50usd loss. Not sure if something has changed on the brokers side..Anyone else having issues


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