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Forex GDP Review

Forex GDP

Identifying the right trading prospects is easier when you are provided the proper guidance in the form of signals. Forex signals are generated by veteran in the field based on efficient chart analysis. The Forex GDP signal service delivers trading signals capable of bringing you appreciable returns.

This vendor claims to use accurate technical and chart analysis, resulting in a quality product that brings you up to 95% profit. You can find more details about the performance, reliability, and our recommendation in this detailed review.

How Forex GDP Signal Service Works

Provided by a team of Forex traders with more than two decades of involvement in Forex trading, Forex GDP signals was launched in 2015. In contrast to other similar services, this group provides technical chart analysis with the signals. The trading strategy and the reasons for using the approach are shared with every generated signal. As per the vendor, this method helps users with all experience levels.

Forex GDP. With the free plan, users need to just register to receive the signals.

With the free plan, users need to just register to receive the signals. The signals provided are compatible with all Forex brokers. Features provided with the free plan include market analysis, education lessons, and trade ideas. Email backing is also provided for free users.

Under the paid service, users receive different types of signals such as the Jackpot Entry and the Big Trade categories. These features are focused on giving more opportunities for profitable trades. The vendor does not provide specific commendations, but general recommendations like using any account balance with proper risk management features based on the size of the account.

Applied Strategies

The vendor does not explain the strategies used in generating the signals. Other than the mention of the signals being provided along with the strategy and reason for using it, we could not find useful info about the strategy.

Backtesting results are not provided, which is a bit disappointing as the strategy tests help users to know important details about the system. Even if the tests are based on historical data and are not predictive of future functionality they serve as a benchmark for systems’ efficacy and reliability.

Forex GDP Trading Results

While the official Forex GDP site has a dedicated signal results page, it does not have results verified by authentic third-party sites. Here are a few of the signal results posted on the site:

Forex GDP Trading Results

Without verified results, we could not provide a proper evaluation of the effectiveness of the signals. Many other signal services are providing verified results which we recommend this vendor to follow.  While the signal outcomes look good these do not give the real picture of the efficacy of the signals. With results confirmed by sites like myfxbook, we can gather plenty of useful info related to performance, strategy, risk management, and more. 

Pricing & Refund

Forex GDP Pricing

This service offers a free plan and a paid plan. With the free plan, you get 4 signals every month with a target of 150 pips or more. The paid plan has the Premium and the Supreme categories. With the Premium category, the price ranges from $74/month up to $36/month for the 12-monthly subscription.

For the supreme plan, the cost is $147/month up to $54 per month for 12 months. Signals provided range from 8 to 14 for the Premium plan and 16 to 25 for the Supreme plan. No refunds are provided. The vendor recommends users contact the support personnel through email for users not receiving the signals.

Customer Reviews

We found reviews for the Forex GDP service on the Trustpilot site and the Forexpeacearmy site. The Trustpilot site gives a 4.6 /5 rating from the 85 reviews posted.  Most of the reviews are positive, and are appreciative of the signals and the support provided. Here is a screenshot of a few of the reviews:

Forex GDP Customer Reviews

The Forexpeacearmy site has 45 reviews with a rating of 3.819/5. Here are screenshots of some of the assessments:

Forex GDP Customer Reviews

Many of them are positive, supporting the accurate signals, the free service, and the breakdown provided. A few of the reviews indicate that the support provided is not good and one user claims that a refund was not given. 

Overall rating
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