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Exynox Scalper Review

Exynox Scalper

Attracting traders with the claim of doing all the hard work for them, Exynox Scalper Indicator offers profitable trades with minimum risk. This Forex robot trades on the M1 to M30 timeframes and works on all currency pairs. According to the developer, using this automated Forex trading system will bring profits to traders quickly.

This is because the smart Forex tool performs with exceptional accuracy. Are the claims of this expert advisor true? Can you rely on this system to bring you high profits with minimal involvement in the trading process? Find out all you need to know from this Exynox Scalper review.

How Exynox Scalper EA Works

How Exynox Scalper EA Works

Exynox Scalper is developed by Karl Dittmann, who has created a few other trading products, such as Onyx Scalper. Dittman claims that this system can identify the right entry and exit points with its smart algorithms. According to him, the interface is so simple and user-friendly that even newbies can easily use it to increase profits. 

Features of this indicator include alerts such as Instant Email alerts, Pop-up alerts, and push notifications. Accurate signals, different trading styles like conservative, aggressive, and medium, custom trading mode, and smart exits are other important features found in this indicator. Recommendations for the minimum balance that can be used for this system include $100 but the recommended initial deposit is $250.

Support provided for this system includes technical queries, routine trading support, and the money management methods used for the trades. The support offered is however only through the online contact form.

While the developer speaks elaborately of how easy trading is with this indicator, he does not explain the exact strategy used for trading. Other than the scalper name attached to this system, there is no mention of the strategy. This is a common occurrence seen with other products of this developer and in many new Forex trading systems available now. This shows the lack of transparency by the vendor.

Applied Strategies

Other than plenty of trade samples provided on the official site, we could not find any strategy tests/backtests of this indicator. In addition to not being clear about the strategy used, the lack of backtesting indicates the system does not provide high performance as claimed by the developer.

Despite historical data not being taken into consideration for the future success of a Forex trading system, such tests help to perceive the trading system from a better perspective and use it effectively. 

Exynox Scalper Trading Results

We could not find any trading results verified on trusted third-party sites such as Myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. Instead, the developer provides various screenshot samples of the trades done with the Exynox Scalper. One such result for the GBP/AUD pair using the M5 timeframe is shown below:

Exynox Scalper Trading Results

A total profit of 288 pips is shown that is achieved by six different alerts ending in five gains of 23, 31, 77, 49, and 103 pips with one alert showing a loss of 3 pips. This medium trading style uses the M5 timeframe. However, since the sample size is small, it cannot be used to predict the performance.

Pricing & Refund

The original price of this system is $395 but has been slashed to $147. This price is inclusive of the trading algorithm, user guide, reliable signals, a single real live account, 24/7 support, and 60 days money-back guarantee. According to the vendor information, the payment is a single upfront payment option.

As per the money-back guarantee feature, users can return the product if they are not satisfied with the performance and get a refund. However, this does not distract us from the fact that the original price is quite exorbitant. We are also suspicious as to why the developer is not giving the system at less than half the original price.

Customer Reviews

On the official site, we could see several user testimonials for this indicator system. But, these could well be manipulated. What we would prefer is seeing user testimonials on reliable sites, such as Forexpeacearmy, Trust Pilot, etc. The absence of genuine feedback from users is a glaring shortcoming that cannot be ignored while evaluating this system.

Overall rating
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