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EFC Indicator Review

EFC Indicator

Today’s review is dedicated to the EFC Indicator.

Its main goal is to provide the most accurate trade entries. The developers of this product claim that it is possible and easy to make $1K weekly.

We are here to provide you with a detailed EFC Indicator review and help you decide whether it is a good product to be trusted or not.

How EFC Indicator Works

This indicator was designed for:

EFC Indicator was designed for

The Trading Strategy Guides team tries to convince us that with their indicator we can obtain a high revenue of $1000 per week. They add that the system is user friendly and can easily be used both by experienced traders and newbies.  

EFC Indicator Strategy

They add that EFC Indicator works with the risk/reward ratio on 1:3, meaning that:

EFC Indicator Strategy

The other key features of this trading tool are:

  • A specific trading analysis which is based on the timeframe
  • Use of appropriate stop loss, exit, and entries
  • Automatic filtering of strong or bad trades
  • Fifty candle price line
  • Automatic price detection

We are told that EFC Indicator was created by Trading Strategy Guides, the company, which provides a trader with a good tool ‘proven’ to make money. Oddly, but there is no information about the developers or what trading history they have. The one thing we know is that they are located at 816 Ligonier St #405, Latrobe, PA 15650.

EFC Indicator contacts
EFC Indicator location

We have conducted additional research to find something about the website. As a result, on whois.domain.tools we have found that the TradingStrategyGuides.com website was created 1,513 days ago, on September 29, 2016. Its IP location is Texas – Dallas.

EFC Indicator IP location

To get in touch with support, traders can email [email protected] or call (724) 374-8352.

Applied Strategies

The developers tell us about their product:

EFC Indicator Applied Strategies

This indicator provides traders with the entry point, SL, and TP targets. As mentioned above, this indicator guarantees a 1:3 risk-reward ratio that is enough to grow the account of any trader.

It has an in-built scanner, which searches for trade setups on thirty symbols. The system also sends alert notifications directly on traders’ smartphones. To tell the truth, its trading strategy looks too loose. For example, when you trade with EA, you know that it is focused on one timeframe and a couple of currency pairs. The trading approach of an expert advisor is defined. With EFC Indicator, offering 30 different symbols to trade, you will have to decide which of them you would like to trade as well as on what timeframe before you start trading on a live account and getting some sort of consistency.

With this type of software, you have to place SL and TP manually on your own. As we have already mentioned, the indicator provides all these elements.

EFC Indicator Applied Strategies

Although the Trading Strategy Guides team mentions that their indicator was backtested and that its success rate was proven we see no proof on their website. There is no screenshot to analyze the proven success rate of the EFC Indicator.

EFC Indicator Trading Results

Unfortunately, the developer failed to provide any live trading results for this system. This sort of information could provide us with additional information about the indicator to analyze its effectiveness, accuracy, and productivity. Lack of information is a red flag for EFC Indicator.

EFC Indicator Trading Results

Pricing & Refund

This indicator comes for $99 and includes:

EFC Indicator Pricing & Refund

Customer Reviews

We’ve conducted additional research and found some customer reviews on the Trust Pilot site for EFC Indicator. This review was written in 2018. Oddly, there was no review about the trading performance of this indicator since that time.

EFC Indicator Customer Reviews

As you may see, the review was a negative one, ranked with a 1-star rating.


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