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Easy Forex Pips Review

Easy Forex Pips

Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signals provider that promises an accuracy of 95% with its trading signals. As per the claims made by the vendor, these signals tell you when to trade and how additionally identifying the pairs that can offer you maximum profits. The true reliability of the system can only be determined by carrying out a thorough and impartial assessment of its various aspects.

How Easy Forex Pips EA Works

On the official website of Easy Forex Pips, the vendor has highlighted the key features, along with the number of members in the Free and VIP Telegram channels, and the trading history. We also have the latest results in tabular format, as well as a link to a Myfxbook live trading account. Next, the details of the pricing plans are provided.

We have a series of reviews from customers who have benefited from the services of this Forex signals provider. At the very end, there is the FAQ section, along with the link to a YouTube channel, and Forex broker recommendation. The terms and conditions and privacy policy are clearly outlined and a contact form is provided for users to send their queries through.

Easy Forex Pips presents itself as a group of traders with more than 5 years’ worth of experience. It is mentioned that each team member is committed to fulfilling customer requirements and always strives to improve themselves. We think the information provided is quite vague, and no actual details are provided about the company.

There is no way to verify the company’s background or registration details. The identities of the said team members are unknown as well. Therefore, in terms of vendor transparency, this Forex robot fails to impress us.

Easy Forex Pips generates Forex signals on a daily basis while letting the users track and analyze their deals. There is a team of seasoned Forex traders working behind the scenes to ensure the profitability of the signals. Due to this thorough analysis, high accuracy can be achieved for the signals.

The signals are sent through the Telegram channels. Both short and long-term traders can benefit from these, and each of them has precise entry and exit points. 

Applied Strategies

The vendor mentions that the traders working for Easy Forex Pips employ some manual strategies involving technical indicators in order to analyze the market. We don’t think this is adequate, and the vendor should have revealed some technical details about the strategy. Many Forex traders like to analyze the strategy to gauge the system’s profitability, and they might take this as a red flag.

We were expecting to find some backtesting data for this Forex signals provider that would let us determine whether the system can handle itself during adverse market conditions. But since the vendor has not provided this for us, we cannot find out some of the most crucial details about Easy Forex Pips. Backtesting data is a bare minimum that should be provided as trading proof by any Forex automated system vendor, so we hope this seller shares it in the future.

Easy Forex Pips Trading Results

Easy Forex Pips Trading Results

This is a Real (USD) account for Easy Forex Pips on the Myfxbook website, where trades are placed through the IC Markets broker, with leverage of 1:30. Since its inception on April 26th, 2019, 15026 trades have been placed out of which 10498 have been won. This means the profitability of this account is 70%, with the profit factor being 1.52.

As things stand, the daily and monthly profits for this account are 0.22% and 6.84%, respectively. The drawdown is reasonable at 16.55%, while the time-weighted return is 283.24%. It should be mentioned, that the vendor has hidden some of the parameters like profit, balance, equity, interest, etc. The trading history has also not been revealed.

Pricing & Refund

Easy Forex Pips has different pricing plans for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months memberships, and these are priced at $45, $75, $105, and $150 respectively. All of these plans provide you with the same set of features. Refund is provided for the initial 14 days after the completion of the transaction.

Customer Reviews

Easy Forex Pips Customer Reviews

There are several user reviews for Easy Forex Pips on the Trustpilot website, and the overwhelming majority of them are positive. The customers have praised the highly accurate signals. However, one user has mentioned that traders must possess adequate equity to trade safely.


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