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Dream Signals 3 Review

Dream Signals 3

We’d like you to read a presentation about a Dream Signals 3 signal provider. It doesn’t look professional and It seems it was designed during an evening.

What do we know about it?

  • It’s basic.
  • It’s powerful.
  • Signals are accurate.
  • Easy to use.
  • It fits all styles.
David M. Chief Strategist

As we can think, this person is behind the system that generates signals.

“In 07, the first version 2.0 also known as The Ultimate Forex Mastersystem did over 50k sales within a week and the demand grew so much that we had to continue the legacy and continue to make every trader’s Dream come true! This Forex System is absolutely spectacular and it can replace any other system or robot. FXA Systems make the best trading software in the world by far and are known as the “Mercedes Benz of forex software”.

Let’s talk about his statement.

  • The system that ran in 2007 made 50K sales weekly (???) WTF are sales? Trades, Pips?
  • How much in account gain was it (pips/$/%)?
  • FXA Systems can be the best if we know what patterns and strategies behind the system.
Dream Signals 3

We’re sure it’s impossible without arbitrage trading.

The system is good for scalping, mid-term trading, and long-term trading. Scalping without fully-automated EA or quick VPS-supported copy-trading gives no profit. The system runs from 1M to 1Mon time frames to look for opportunities.

Dream Signals 3 chart

We can see manual scalping on the picture. There are three conditions based on indicators.

Dream Signals 3 chart

This is how the system reacts when it’s time to sell.

Dream Signals 3 chart

Let’s take a look at the buy-sell indicator behind the system.

  • It’s based on the Bollinger Band formula, however, this tool literally highlights the Buy and Sell zones for you directly on your chart.
  • One of the best ways to trade a buy-sell indicator is to wait for a bounce and reversal from the top or bottom line and enter as the market crosses the middle line.
  • If we enter a sell trade, we wait for the market to bounce off the top line and only enter when the market crosses the middle line and enters the sell zone.
Dream Signals 3 chart

It’s how the trade was executed live. As we can see, the balance was $10057.24. It was a demo account that just right now was started. Trading goes without placing SL levels, so, it’s dangerous.

Dream Signals 3 chart
Dream Signals 3 chart

“Confirmation arrow forex signals” is the second strategy applied to the system.

  • The arrows included in Dream Signals 3, are very accurate to even use individually, however, it is recommended that we use more indicators to confirm our trades.
  • Their arrows don’t repaint.
  • The arrows can be fun to use especially when using an M5 to M30 chart for scalping but of course, all time frames will work just as well.

“Price-trend Forex candlesticks” is the last strategy on the board.

Dream Signals 3 chart
  • If after the candlestick we see proper chart activity we can start BUYing or SELLing.
  • This indicator will only show the candlestick’s colors based on the price trend. It is set to a “Line Chart”. So this confirms that the candles you see are 100% the indicator. This one is guaranteed to be one of your favorites.
Dream Signals 3 chart

The final strategy is a combination of the performance of several indicators.

In this case, three of the indicators confirmed a buy trade. They’re the price trend candlesticks, external W.S omnipotence signal, and the confirmation arrow signals confirmed the trade.

So, this is the end of the presentation. The next is FAQ and Testimonials. Is it enough to trust to this signal provider? We’d like to say no.

  • Dream Signals work on any time frame.
  • It can be used for all currency pairs.
  • Dream Signals are good for any kind of trading strategy: scalper, short-term, mid-term, or long term.

The offer

Dream Signals 3 offer

The package includes Candle Sniper Indicator for free that costs $100. But, we know that indicators usually cost around $10-20.

Dream Signals 3 offer

The price was $600, after that, it was decreased to $250. Now, it costs $150 and this is a limited time offer. The dev provides a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Social network profiles

Dream Signals 3 Social network profiles

The main youtube page with “testimonials” has 91 followers. The average post gets no likes nor dislikes.

Dream Signals 3 Social network profiles

He doesn’t promote the Twitter page but it exists. It has 276 followers and was created 7 years ago. The last post about the service was two years ago. 

Is Dream Signals 3 garbage?

  • No free signals
  • No trading results provided
  • No 3rd-party verified account of the 13-years experienced trader provided
  • No free signals provided
  • The indicators weren’t united in the EA
  • We have to open and close trades manually
  • The offer is quite high
  • Fake people feedback provided
  • Social network profiles are dead
Overall rating
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