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BlackQueen Review


BlackQueen is a trading advisor that is available on the MQL5 community. The system has mediocre success among traders. The presentation doesn’t look pretty decent. 

How BlackQueen works

The developer decided not to provide us with extended explanations about how the system functions and what we have to expect from it. 

  • The EA was designed to execute orders on our terminal automatically. 
  • The advisor works well with default settings. 
  • It requires us to have $50 on the balance or more. 
  • The interface is simple and welcome. 
  • The advisor calculates entry points based on the price action strategy. 
  • It allows us to work with any symbol we want. 
  • We can decide what strategy we want to use. 
  • The system can be customized according to our needs. 
  • There are three trading modes available. 
  • The auto mode allows trading seven pairs. 
  • We can attach it to every chart if we want. 
  • There are risky strategies mentioned: Grid, Hedge, and Martingale. 
  • It trades on a real account. 
  • We should work only on Hedge accounts. 
  • The dev claims that the advisor doesn’t use a scalping strategy. 

Applied strategies

  • The main strategies are Price Action, Grid, Hedge, and Martingale. 
  • The default settings are designed for trading EURUSD on the H1 time frame.  

BlackQueen trading results

BlackQueen backtest report.

The developer decided that this chart is enough for us to trust that the system was tested properly, but this is not pretty right. We haven’t seen a final report that would convince us that the results were acceptable. 

BlackQueen trading results.

The advisor has been running a real low-deposited USD account on RoboForex. The maximum drawdown is 9.9%. The maximum deposit load is 9.2%. The win rate is low – 65.6%. The absolute growth is 2.57%.

BlackQueen details.

An average trade frequency is 3 deals weekly. An average trade length is 8 hours. 

BlackQueen growth chart.

The system is always in trouble. It has lost three months from five possible.

BlackQueen closed orders.

It’s easy to note that it loses quite often. It sets quite deep SL levels compared with the TP ones.

BlackQueen trading details.

BlackQueen has traded 32 deals. The best trade is $9.06 when the worst trade is -$15.91. The recovery factor is 0.24 when the profit factor is 1.09. An average monthly growth is 5.45%. 

BlackQueen distribution.

EURUSD is the most traded day with 10 orders. It’s noticeable that the Sell direction was traded four times more frequently than the Buy one.

Pricing & refund

BlackQueen pricing details.

The price was doubled without a reason for this. Now, a copy costs $371. We can rent it out for $40 monthly and $68 quarterly. We can use a demo copy for checking parameters and executing backtests. 

People feedback

People feedback on MQL5.

People mentioned that the system is a scam. 

Other notes

The developer’s profile.

Mikhail Sergeev is a dev from Russia with an 88,250 rate. There are 19 products on the board. They have 5 stars based on 114 reviews.


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