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Best FX Networks Review

Best FX Networks

Best FX Networks is a trading advisor that works on an CNH account. We know only one developer who uses it to show that the system works stable. We are here to check the presentation and robot’s performance. 

How Best FX Networks works

The presentation includes details about how the system has to work and why we may expect from its performance. 

  • The robot can execute orders automatically for us on a terminal. 
  • BEST FX NETWORKS is a team of software developers and traders with significant trading experience.
  • The service was created in 2020 to design products. 
  • The win rate should be positive for all solutions. 
  • They decided to provide people with signals too. 
  • It doesn’t use a scalping strategy.
  • There’s no cost averaging either. 
  • There’s a magic number that marks all open by the system orders.
  • It can overtake periods of news releases without losses. 
  • We can trade with any broker. 
  • We are allowed to trade on ECN, STP, Micro, or Cent Accounts. 
  • There’s an automatic risk adjustment feature from total assets.
  • It works 100% automatically. 
  • The devs provide 24/7 welcome support. 
  • They provide only verified trading results.
  • We have to do no extra actions after starting. 
  • The installation process takes several minutes. 
  • There’s a neural network behind the trading system. 
  • It doesn’t require us to have trading experience. 
  • It can fit all trading styles. 
  • It combines the best trading strategies. 
  • The system requires two data sets.

Applied strategies

  • We don’t know the strategy behind this system. 
  • There’s no mention of trading pairs. 
  • We have no intel about time frames to work with. 

So, we have to note that the presentation wasn’t featured by backtest reports. We cannot be sure that the system was tested properly before the developer decided to set the system running on the real account. We need a report to check the data about win rates, drawdowns, risks, profitability and recovery factors, win streaks, and so on.

Best FX Networks trading results

Best FX Networks trading results on Fxblue.

The advisor has been running a real CNH account that was created on November 29, 2021. The closed profit is $533.21. The margin level is high, 5668.2%. The floating loss is $21.32. The balance is $835.27. 

Best FX Networks statistics on Fxblue.

The total return is 242.8%. An average monthly profit is 90.5%. The maximum drawdown is low. The win rate is 89.8%. The profit factor is great, 28.68. An average trade frequency is 0.9 deals daily. 

Best FX Networks risks.

The ROI is 5.35. It’s a solid number. The risk or ruin is 0.1% only. An average trade length is 32.1 hours. An average result is $10.88. The average win is $12.56 when an average loss is -$3.85. 

Best FX Networks directions.

The Buy direction is traded almost twice more frequently than the Sell direction. 

Best FX Networks magic number.

We have a single magic number applied. 

Best FX Networks daily activities.

The most actively traded days are Tuesday (15) and Friday (17 orders). All of them are profitable. 

Best FX Networks hourly activities.

We may note that the most traded sessions are European and American. 

Best FX Networks monthly profits.

It closed all months for a profit. 

Best FX Networks weekly activities.

The profitability varies from month to month. 

Best FX Networks closed orders.

The robot works with a grid of 3-5 orders without Martingale. 

Pricing & refund

There are three packages available: Business, Standard, and Premium. The first pack costs $129 and it’s featured by one real and one demo license. The second pack costs $149 and includes two real and two demo accounts. The premium pack costs $169 and there are three real and demo accounts. We have no refund policy applied. 

People feedback

A page of Best FX Networks on Forex Peace Army.

The Best FX Networks company has a page on Forex Peace Army. There are no trading accounts connected and no testimonials written. 

Other notes

So, the system is young and has to be watched for several months more to be sure that it handles risky Grids well. 


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