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Aura Pro Review

Aura Pro

Aura Pro is a new Forex solution designed to work with many trading instruments, including GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPCAD, EURCAD, EURCHF, and USDCAD pairs. It is easy to set up and requires about $1000 to start trading. The EA was introduced to the public on September 28, 2021. It can be bought on mql5. But before you acquire it, read this review to understand its characteristics and whether it is worth your money. 

How Aura Pro EA works

Aura Pro is the work of a Russian called Stanislav Tomilov. We have a scanty profile that doesn’t highlight much about the background of this developer. The only clear thing is that he is selling many other products on mql5 including, Euro Master, Aura Gold, Trust Trader, Firestarter, Matterhorn, and Aura Black, among others. 

The EA has several features:

  • Not sensitive to broker conditions.
  • Extensive customization and optimization options.
  • No settings files are needed because all values are inside the code. 
  • The working timeframe is H1.
  • A leverage of 1:500 is required.
  • Runs on the MT5 trading platform. 

Applied strategies

The vendor asserts that his creation uses both martingale and grid strategies. The former approach involves doubling the trade size on losing trades with the hope that fate will eventually throw the trader up one single winning trade. On the other hand, the latter approach focuses on opening and closing positions at regular intervals at a particular set price. 

The Forex community is aware of the dangers these trading techniques carry. If the market takes an unfavorable trend, then many losses can be made, putting a trader’s account at risk of ruin. Backtest results are available, and we have analyzed them as follows: 

Backtest results.

This is a testing report for the EURUSD pair that was conducted between 2020 and 2021. The EA implemented 322 trades using a deposit of $1,000. As a consequence, a total net profit of $11939.70 was made. We had win rates of 77.78% for short trades and 80% for long trades. The maximum drawdown (62.98%) was massive. This is expected as the vendor warns us of the risky nature of the strategy used. 

Aura Pro trading results

Stanislav provides us with a link to the EA’s live trading stats. However, the problem is that the data’s credibility is doubtful. Using services of third party verification sites like FXStat or Myfxbook.com is usually recommended. This way, traders cannot have a hard time believing the data presented. 

Trading stats.

The account was deposited at $11800, and the profit made since its opening on September 27, 2021, is $1144.69, while the maximum drawdown is 1.1%. The EA has traded for 27 days with an average holding time of 10 hours.

Performance of different currency pairs.

The robot mainly traded with the EURCAD currency pair (39 deals), but the GBPCAD was the most lucrative ($2.6k). The EURGBP trading instrument was the least traded (10 orders), and coincidentally, it brought in the lowest amount of profits — $673.

Trading performance.

To date, the orders completed are 147. Unfortunately, they haven’t been that successful. As we speak, only 62.58% have resulted in profits. The performance of the long trades is even worse — 35.37%. The win rates for short trades are 64.63%. 

Pricing & refund

Aura Pro is currently going for $345. The package does not include a renting option or a money-back guarantee. If you are not ready to purchase the product yet, you can download the demo version for free. After testing, you can make an informed decision of whether to buy it or not. Even then, we think that this EA is not worth it. This is because it is unprofitable and carries many trading risks. 

Aura Pro’s price.

Other notes

As you can see below, we only have one customer review for this robot because the other client didn’t leave a comment. Anyway, this trader says that Aura Pro is a complete masterpiece and worth every dollar spent on it. But a closer look at the comment reveals that it was made just recently. The trader has not even tracked the EA’s performance to come to this conclusion. So, he may have been paid to leave a positive review. 

Customer reviews.


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