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Agimat Trading System Review

Agimat Trading System

Welcome back! We’re here to help you with Agimat-FX robots. A company has a big and branched presentation. So, let’s start.

Agimat Trading System presentation

The robots were introduced that they’re based on the next scalping strategy across the board. The system has some indicators behind that allow it to scalp well and work on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Agimat Trading System presentation

From the product menu, we knew about various versions of Agimat FX: 2018 V2, 2020, Pro, Ultra. Agimat is a software that was designed by Dennis Buchholz. It works performing a scalping strategy. The U.S. patent and trademark office has registered Agimat as a trademark. For now, there are up to 10k clients of this system across the globe.

Agimat Trading System presentation

The presentation was enhanced by several videos where the dev explains how the indicators work and help us to make a profit.

Agimat Trading System presentation

The system has notifications to help us if we want to trade manually.

Agimat Trading System presentation

There are also some explanations and charting to explain to us the way that the robot works.

Agimat Trading System presentation

If we watched the whole video we’d be able to see how the dev trades on the real account from -$200 to +$4406. It looked cool, but no. All his profit was just +14 pips. He probably runs a several-hundred-thousand account. 

How Agimat Trading System EA works

The EA can be applied to many financial instruments like:

  • Currency Pairs, Metals
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • CFD, Futures
  • Stocks

Applied Strategies

Let’s group up Anigmat’s features:

  • It runs a scalping strategy
  • It can be used for a swing trading
  • It works on MT4 and MT5.
  • The system uses a Neural Network. 
  • The system doesn’t repaint the provided information.
  • It doesn’t need to be babysat.
  • There were designed IOs and Android versions of the app.
  • Trading requires a VPS for the quickest performance.

The company provides copy-trading services based on the Anigmat system:

  • SL and TP levels will be copied from their account to ours.
  • The signals have up to 85% accuracy.

Agimat Trading System Trading Results

Agimat Trading System Myfxbook

The company provides a link to the real EUR trading results. Agimat works on IC Markets on the ECN account with Leverage 1:400. An absolute gain was +127.93 for over a year of trading. The monthly gain amounts to +5.41% with insane drawdowns (75.33%). An initial deposit was 15599 EUR. It was withdrawn for 14130 EUR.

Agimat Trading System advanced statistics

The EA has traded 114 deals with 688 pips. Agimat trades with an extremely low frequency like no more than two deals weekly. An average win (7.01 pips) equals an average loss (-6.85 pips). A win-rate is high and equals 87% for Longs (33 deals) and 95% for Shorts (81 deals). The average trade length as for a scalper is so high and equals one day. A Profit Factor is a jolly good (6.79).

Agimat Trading System statistics

As we can see from the chart, Agimat can be applied to almost any chart that’s available in the terminal. Many symbols were traded with a 100% win-rate like GBP/USD.

Agimat Trading System statistics

The robot prefers trading mostly during Asina and Australian trading sessions and much less during a European one.

Agimat Trading System statistics

The EA doesn’t open trades on Fridays to not keep them over weekends. 

Agimat Trading System statistics

After the huge drawdown, the account risks were set to the lowest ones.

The last page of closed deals shows 19 consecutive profitable deals. 

Agimat Trading System monthly gain

Monthly trading results let us know that the robot was stopped from May to August 2020 for some (?) reasons. The new period of trading started with little losses that have never happened before. 

Pricing & Refund

A license costs 174 EUR. A package includes:

  • We can choose which one installation file we want to use: MT4 or MT5.
  • Free lifetime (?) updates for Agimat FX Ultra.
  • Email support 24/5.
  • We can receive free signals from a parent account automatically.
  • We can manage the robot’s performance from our smartphone.
  • The devs provided a completed user manual with video tutorials.

The developers don’t provide any kind of a money-back guarantee. So, every purchase is a final. 

Other Notes

Agimat Trading System

The robot was registered in USPTO on January 08, 2019.

Agimat Trading System

We’d like to say that there are not so many EAs across the whole web that were registered in such a strict organization like USPTO.

Overall rating
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