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Advanced Supply Demand Review

Advanced Supply Demand

Advanced Supply Demand is a trading indicator that was first published in February 2017. It was revised to its current 4.0 version in June 2021. The vendor claims that the indicator is distinctive, inexpensive, and top quality since they have integrated several exclusive elements and a new formula. The update allows the user to display two time frame zones. This means that the trader can access both the chart and higher timeframes. Let’s evaluate the system to find more about it.

How Advanced Supply Demand Works

The vendor presents Advanced Supply Demand on the mql5 website. Here, he describes what the product does, its features, parameters used, and customer reviews. He has also included a video that illustrates how the product works. 

This system was developed by Bernhard Schweigert. He indicates that he is German and has over 15 years experience in Forex trading. However, he does not provide additional information about his credentials. It is also unclear if he developed this software alone or with other programmers. Based on his profile on the mql5 website, he has 12 other products in his portfolio. Some include Advanced Currency Strength28 Indicator, Advanced Currency Impulse with Alert, Currency Strength Exotics and many more. 

Advanced Supply Demand’s features are listed below:

  • Works on every timeframe and product
  • Is capable of sensing nested S/D zones
  • Allows the user to enhance and revise the zone potency for their time frame and symbol
  • Has 2 zone strength functionalities modifiable by user input
  • Runs on the MT4 platform
  • Provides push or email notifications
  • Various options for alerts are provided. This enables the users to select when to receive notifications
  • Has a user manual

The indicator works by helping the user to improve their trading by identifying the accurate trigger point of entry.

Applied Strategies

According to the vendor, the software uses new algorithms to recognize prospective disparities between buyers and sellers. It graphically indicates the most potent supply and demand zones as well as old zones that show its past performance. It then helps the user to pinpoint the best zones and levels of entry. 

The vendor has not provided backtesting results. Therefore, we could not analyze the past performance of the system. We do not know its profitability rate or the level of risks it carries. It would thus be risky to invest in the product as the trader would not know what to expect. 

Advanced Supply Demand Trading Results

The vendor for this system does not supply us with anything in terms of trading results. Verified live trading results that show this system’s performance in the live market would have been helpful. Since they are absent, we are unable to determine the indicator’s performance in the real market. Subsequently, we cannot tell if the strategy it applies is effective. 

Pricing and Refund

You can either buy or rent the product. For those who choose to purchase the indicator, they can get it at $148. Alternatively, you can rent it at $65 for 3 months or $85 for a whole year. These costs are quite high. Furthermore, a money-back guarantee is not offered. Therefore, we conclude that it is not worth the money.

Other Notes

There are numerous customer reviews on the product on the mql5 website where the product is presented. All of these testimonials are positive. However, we cannot rely on these reviews. We suspect that most traders have been baited into leaving a positive review by, for instance, getting an extra free indicator if they do so. No product is perfect. Therefore, a mixture of both positive and negative reviews would have provided us with a full picture of how customers really feel about the indicator.

Overall rating
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