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Advanced Hedge Review

Advanced Hedge

Advanced Hedge is a Forex expert advisor that works on the Metatrader 5 trading platform. Launched on 26 May 2021, the EA is sold on the MQL5 website where the vendor claims that the system has been tested using several market conditions. However, it is up to us to determine how reliable this robot truly is. Thus, it is necessary to investigate each and every aspect of the robot. 

How Advanced Hedge EA works

The vendor fails to make a professional presentation on the MQL5 page. After a brief introduction, the vendor goes on to talk about the EA settings and recommendations. There are several screenshots showing the backtesting results, but they seem to be of dubious authenticity. There’s not enough data on the features available on the platform, and the entire thing seems like a scam.

Ho Tuan Thang, the developer behind Advanced Hedge, is a resident of Vietnam. We have no way of finding out when this person started developing Forex EAs or whether he has the necessary expertise to build such systems. On their MQL5 profile, we can find a link to a Telegram group, but no other contact information is available. They have built other robots like Advanced Fibo levels and Advanced Bollinger bands. Reliable vendors always strive to maintain transparency, which is something this system is clearly lacking.

Advanced Hedge has a recovery system, but the vendor has not properly explained how it functions. Instead of using indicators, Advanced Hedge relies on mathematical logic. You can use it for trading in pairs like GBP/USD and EUR/USD. The vendor recommends using this robot on M15 charts. They claim that the robot is not sensitive to slippage or spread. In the beginning, you need to make a minimum deposit of $3000. 

Applied strategies

The hedging strategy involves holding both long and short positions at the same time for a particular currency pair. It is essentially a protective measure that is supposed to shield you from losses. Some people also use put option contracts to lower the risk.

Backtesting results of USD/JPY.

What we find about this backtesting data is the short testing period of 1 year. It is not possible to carry out a high-quality historical test within such a short time span. Advanced Hedge conducted 2407 tests during the testing period, winning 69.42% of them and making a total profit of $83707.97. It had a relative equity drawdown of 63.92%, which can be considered too high. We think the system follows a risky trading approach that leaves your account vulnerable to substantial losses. The profit factor for this backtest was 2.83.

Advanced Hedge trading results

On the MQL5 product page, the vendor has shared a link to the live trading performance of Advanced Hedge. It seems they have deleted the account, however, since we cannot find it on their profile. It is safe to assume that they decided to discontinue the results after the robot started making losses. This again is not a sign of a reliable vendor.

Most Forex traders would not consider investing in a trading system that is not backed by verified trading statistics. It is not possible to accurately gauge a robot’s profitability without analyzing the live performance. Because of this, we cannot consider Advanced Hedge a viable trading system.

Pricing & refund

Advanced Hedge carries a price tag of $49. If you don’t wish to jump into live trading, there is a free demo version available for download. Compared to other providers, the price is not too high, but we think a Forex robot without trading results is not worth a penny. On top of that, the vendor does not entertain refund requests. By completing your purchase, you can unlock an offer where you get another indicator or EA built by the same developer. To receive it, you need to message the vendor via MQL5.

Other notes

User reviews for Advanced Hedge on MQL5.

There are several user reviews for this expert advisor on the MQL5 website. However, since they are not posted on a website moderated by a third party, we cannot consider them as a part of our analysis. The vendor could have paid people to write positive reviews. The lack of authentic reviews is one more reason why you should avoid this robot. 


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