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Zoom Video Q2 Results


Zoom Video Communications is set to release its second-quarter results for fiscal 2024 after the market closes on Monday. The videoconferencing company is expected to report strong figures, with revenue projected to reach $1.11 billion, a significant increase from $1.01 billion in the same period last year. Additionally, adjusted earnings are estimated to be $1.06 per share compared to $1.05 per share in the prior-year period. Net income is also expected to rise to $60.1 million from $45.7 million a year earlier.

Key Factors to Watch

Customers: Investors will closely monitor Zoom’s customer performance. While the company’s online segment, catering to consumers and small businesses, has shown stability, the outlook for enterprise sales is projected to increase by only 6% year over year. With enterprise sales accounting for over half of Zoom’s total revenue, this is a crucial area to watch.

AI Development: A focus will be on any updates regarding Zoom IQ, the generative artificial intelligence assistant that was launched in June. With free trials available for select customers, Zoom might provide insights into customer feedback and adoption rates for this new capability.

Return to Office Plans: Details about Zoom’s return to office plans may also be discussed. The company has expressed the value of in-person teamwork and recently announced that employees near its offices will be required to work on-site two days a week starting in August and September, as part of a hybrid work model.

Zoom Video Communications’ quarterly report is highly anticipated and will shed light on its financial performance as well as provide insights into the company’s strategic decisions moving forward.


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