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Zeus EA Review

Zeus EA

Zeus EA uses a proprietary strategy that executes instant, error-free trades. Sellers claim that it is super efficient and has delivered a monthly return of 15% since 2019. It only trades on the EURUSD currency pair due to its low-risk volatility, high liquidity levels, and international security. We will review these claims and  look at the information provided on the product’s website. 

Zeus EA

How Zeus EA works

The EA requires the following steps to work correctly:

  1. Open an account with a broker and provide the developers with the login ID
  2. They will start trading on your account on their VPS servers

It is also possible to use the service via a PAMM account available with their designated brokers.

Vendor transparency

The parent company, Elite CurrenSea, has developed Zeus EA. This brand is owned by Chris Svorcik, Nenad Kerkez, and Mykyta Barabanov. These individuals have other forex-related products listed on the market, like Athena EA Portfolio ECS. They also provide services like market research and industry-relevant commentary. 

Aside from this, there is no information about their credentials like education, certificates, whereabouts, telephone number, etc. This points towards the use of non-transparent practices.  


The EA has the following features:

  • It is a 100% automated robot.
  • The EA works well with all sorts of accounts and brokers. 
  • Sellers claim that this system is super-fast.
  • This bot works on the MT4 platform.

Applied strategies

The developer refuses to share the exact rules of the strategy. They trade on EURUSD on the 5-minute charts and require a minimum of €2500. From the live records on Myfxbook, it is clear that they are using averaging strategies as multiple trades are closed on the same instance. The authors hide the lot size, due to which we cannot confirm if it uses martingale.

The trading history.

Backtesting records of the robot are available for the period from January 04, 2016, until August 13, 2020. From these statistics, it can be observed that the system made a monthly gain of 2.8%. The very dangerous drawdown of 53.30% shows us that the portfolio could lose more than half of its account equity while trading. Balance stood at 11,855.17 USD with a profit value of 9356.32 USD. 

The numbers correspond to a 5-minute timeframe. Total trades count up to 14,662. Out of these, 70% were profitable. The worst trade is reported as 72 USD, and the profit factor is stated as 1.52. 

Backtesting records of the robot.

Zeus EA trading results

Live trading results, verified by Myfxbook, can be found on the website. These are for the EUR currency, traded on MT4 with a 1:500 leverage between September 03, 2020, and March 21, 2022. 

These show that that robot made a monthly gain of 0.71%, which is not very high. Also, it is rather odd that key metrics such as drawdown, balance, profit, equity, interest, etc., have been hidden from view. This points towards a lack of transparency. 

The bot participated in 70 538 trades, of which 69% were profitable. Profit factor is reported as 1.03 with an average trading length of 14 hours and 8 minutes. 

The live records on Myfxbook.

Pricing & refund

This product is sold in 4 packages: Rental (699 Euros for 12 months), Lifetime (999 Euros for lifetime usage), Rental Sponsored (399 Euros for 12 months), and Managed Account (0 Euros with 20-30% profit sharing). All options come with onboarding support and include a VPS. The owners have provided no information about the availability of a money-back guarantee.  

Other notes

Although the parent company, EliteCurrenSea, has an overall rating of 4.49 on Forex Peace Army, negative reviews by past customers can be found all over the forum. An angry customer states how the robot’s extremely high drawdown made them blow their account. Furthermore, they reveal that sellers use false reporting to keep customers unaware of the actual performance. 

Customer review on FPA.


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