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Zenith EA Review

Zenith EA

Zenith is a trading solution for Forex that was uploaded on MQL5 on March 29, 2021, by Olena Skrynnik. The robot has a 4.0 version that was updated on June 28, 2021. We have seven purchases and 555 demo downloads.

 How Zenith EA Works

The presentation doesn’t include much information on the system features and functions:

  • The system was designed to run charts automatically for us without a need for human intervention. 
Zenith EA parameters
  • The settings list shows that there are not so many parameters we can change to fit our trading style. 
  • There’s a self-learning algorithm.
  • The advisor is a highly frequently traded solution. 
  • The robot doesn’t use a Scalp strategy. 
  • The trading time starts from 12 p.m. on Monday.
  • The system can work with any trading account. 
  • “The system uses a neural network for trading. The specificity of neural networks is such that it requires a period of learning from history and testing outside this period of learning.”
  • We have to change default parameters to get started. 
  • We are completely sure that an average user or trader cannot customize it. 

Applied Strategies

  • “EA based on artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is an optimization technique that simulates the foraging behavior of honey bees.” There are no honey bees here. It sounds like pure crap. 
  • “In the ABC algorithm, there are three types of bees: employed bees, onlooker bees, and scout bees. Each bee does the knowledge assigned to it: checks the patterns, reads the graph to identify problems, trains the network on the received data, breaks down, and classifies the patterns.” It’s nonsense. 
  • The system can handle the next pairs USD/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY.
  • We are allowed to work on the H1 time frame.
Zenith EA Backtests

We’ve got a report of all currency pairs published. We don’t know the details of the data period. “100% real ticks” doesn’t look trustworthy because the report usually has 100% without any additional words. So, this one can be photoshopped. The total net profit was $59,671.10. The maximum drawdown was 3.92%. The Profit Factor was 5.24. The Recovery Factor was 105.13. The system has traded 2101 orders. The accuracy rate was 72.17% for Shorts and 69.75% for Longs. 

Zenith EA Trading Results

Zenith EA Trading Results

There are two demo accounts with the system applied where this one is not the worst. The broker is RoboForex. It’s a good one. The leverage is 1:500. The maximum drawdown is 9.7%. The accuracy rate is 81.4%. The maximum deposit load is 3.9%. The signals have a three-star rate. The robot has been trading for 17 weeks. The maximum growth is 44.10%. The account has lost 10% of the balance since our last visit (it was 49.10%). 

Zenith EA Trading Results

The system opens 20 deals a week. An average trade length is a day. Only fourteen traders subscribed for these signals. 

Zenith EA Trading Results

Trading in July 2021 looks like a disaster. 

Zenith EA drawdown

The system has experienced a huge and long-term period of drawdowns. 

Zenith EA trading results

Three losses hurt the account balance so much. 

Zenith EA trading results

The system has closed 199 deals. The best trade was $140.02 when the worst trade was -$123.50. The Gross Profit is $3233. The Gross Loss is -$1028. The Recovery Factor is 4.67. The Profit Factor is 3.15. An average profit is $19.96 when an average loss is -$27.78.

Zenith EA distribution

The system works with only EURUSD, but the developer mentioned five currency pairs. 

Zenith EA. The system has got its warnings consistently from MQL5.

The system has got its warnings consistently from MQL5. 

Zenith EA. There are explanations about the default settings.

There are explanations about the default settings. 

Pricing & Refund

The robot costs $199 for a real lifetime license. The offer isn’t supported by rental options. There’s a demo download option. So, it allows us to check the settings and execute some backtest on the terminal. 

People Feedback

Zenith EA People Feedback

The robot has many negative testimonials. We’re not surprised to see them after these horrible trading results. 

Other Notes

The system was updated many times, but these Stop Loss levels aren’t healthy, and reaching them from time to time will blow the account balance.


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