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XXL Forex Real Profit Review

XXL Forex Real Profit

XXL Forex Real Profit is a trading advisor that has a two page long presentation that doesn’t inform us about how the system will work for us. Frankly, the presentation isn’t welcome. 

How XXL Forex Real Profit works

It was a challenge for us to compilate this list of settings, features, and other details. 

  • The system can execute orders for us automatically. No extra effort is needed. 
  • There was an account on Myfxbook published. It was removed by the developer. 
  • The system is easy to use. We just have to attach it to the chart. 
  • We can work on standard, mini accounts, micro, and ECN accounts. 
  • It runs the market 24 hours a day. 
  • The system doesn’t work with risky strategies like Martingale and Grid. 
  • There are various indicators to analyze the market all the time. 
  • The strategies can be price action, support and resistance, trend, and others. 
  • There’s a “Strong Money management system.”
  • That’s it. Not much. 

Applied strategies

  • The system works with price action, trend, and support-resistance strategies. 
  • The details about time frames aren’t revealed. 
  • The same situation is about the cross pairs available to trade. 

The presentation doesn’t include any sign of backtest reports. It’s a huge con because we have no idea if the system had been properly tested before it was released on the market. We don’t even know what results it could achieve working on the past data. 

XXL Forex Real Profit trading results

XXL Forex Real Profit trading results.

The advisor keeps running a real USD account. The current loss is -$23.71. So, the robot isn’t profitable. There are no deals floating on the market. 

XXL Forex Real Profit statistics.

An average monthly loss is -3.5%. The maximum drawdown is 8.0%. An average win rate is 63.0%. The profit factor is low – 0.77. This means that the system isn’t profitable. There were -27.5 pips lost. The account exists 25 days only. 

XXL Forex Real Profit risks.

The ROI is -1.45. The risk of ruining the account is 100%. An average trade length is 3.9 hours. An average result is -$0.85. An average win is $4.79 when an average loss is -$10.51.

XXL Forex Real Profit pairs.

The advisor works with EURUSD and GBPUSD only. 

XXL Forex Real Profit directions.

It has traded directions equally by the frequency. 

XXL Forex Real Profit magic numbers.

The system works with two magic numbers. We don’t know the differences between them. 

XXL Forex Real Profit weekly activities.

Tuesday and Thursday with 8 orders each are the most actively traded days. 

XXL Forex Real Profit daily activities.

The system focuses on trading at the end of the Asian session. 

XXL Forex Real Profit monthly activities.

The robot almost didn’t trade in November 2021. 

XXL Forex Real Profit closed orders.

We may note that there were huge losses. So, the system works with deep SL levels. 

Pricing & refund

XXL Forex Real Profit pricing.

The presentation doesn’t include any sign of an offer. We could manage to find the offer on another site. So, there’s a claim that we can survive for the system for $80 monthly. It’s twice as expensive as for the similar signals on MQL5. The offer includes no refund policy. So, all sales are final. There are no details about what the package includes. 

People feedback

XXL Forex Real Profit page on FPA.

The company has a page on Forex Peace Army with a single testimonial written. There are no trading accounts connected to it. 

People testimonials.

The system didn’t work properly for this person. It’s up to us to trust it or not to trust. 

Other notes

The advisor works unpredictable and the presentation looks like a weird place. 


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