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Vigorous EA Review

Vigorous EA

The Vigorous EA is a trading system that is capable of opening and closing of trades in autopilot. Its developers describe it as one of their best EAs. The developers mention that the robot has been successfully backtested for more than 20 years.

The EA scalps the EURUSD pair up to 100 times a week and makes a profit every day, according to its developers.

The developers state that the system was tested with reliable 99.90% modeling quality backtest data to ensure trustworthy results. They continue to explain that backtests were done with a variable spread and accurate Dukascopy data for more realistic results.

The developers mention that the robot has had 3 consecutive profitable months in a row, sold 196 copies,  has 1.66% of monthly profit, and trades on average 11 trades per day.

How Vigorous EA Works

The software trades the EURUSD pair with over 65,000 trades logged since 2005. It trades on average 11 times a day. The EA scalps the EU market targeting about 3-8 pips profit from each trade. The average trade length is about 2 hours.

The Vigorous EA is presented and offered by ResponsibleForexTrading.com, a forex platform that provides trading services such as robots and copy trading. They also run a blog that showcases Forex related content. Apart from Vigorous EA, they also offer PinPoint EA and RFT 3 EA bundles.

The developers do not provide any information about them. They only state that they are professional traders with 15 years of trading experience.

Traders can get in touch with by either filling the contact form available on the contact us page or by sending direct email to [email protected]

They also have a FAQs page where potential customers can read through to find the answers to some of their questions.

Its features are as follows:

  • Trades the EURUSD every day
  • Profitable backtests for the past 21 years
  • Projected monthly profit of 1%-3% a month (default settings)
  • Recommended starting account size is $5,000
  • Recommended leverage is 250:1
  • 50-100 scalp trades a week

Applied Strategies

  • The system trades only with the larger time-frame trend. It finds the best places to take quick 3-8 pip scalp trades within the dips of the larger trend.
  • It uses flex-grid money management that’s only active when the trend is active. This makes for a very adaptive strategy that’s able to work with just about every type of market movement on the EURUSD pair.
  • The software uses the RMI indicator to find over-extended trades with and against the trend. The RMI indicator is used in combination with the D1 trend while incorporating the use of candle-stick patterns.
Vigorous EA backtest

From the backtest report above, the system traded the account from January 3rd, 2005 to March 3rd, 2021. The robot made a gain of $122,912.13 which represented 2458.24% from a deposit of $5,000 in 65733 trades. The winning percentage was 75% while the maximum drawdown was 52.86%.

Vigorous EA backtest

The average win and average loss were 5.01 pips and -10.47 pips respectively. This shows a risk to reward ratio of 2:1 which can be dangerous as one big loss may do away with small gains the trader has made.

Vigorous EA Trading Results

This live account was linked to Vigorous EA on February 15th, 2021. It has a leverage of 1:100. The account is running on MT4 with the Trader’s Way  broker. It had a gain of 7, 06% representing a profit of $341.66 from an initial deposit of $5,000. The results were achieved with 21.34 lots in 1267 trades. Now the balance is $5341.66 and there is no report on withdrawal.

The winning and drawdown percentage is 70% and 13.90% respectively.

Vigorous EA Trading Results

As we can see in the screenshot below, the software trades without TP and SL levels.

Vigorous EA Trading Results

Pricing & Refund

The Vigorous EA costs $397. It’s not indicated what the package comes with upon purchase. We believe the customers are provided with at least installation instructions and access to quick support. The vendor does not offer money-back guarantee.

We can put it straight that this EA is not worth this much. You cannot just give out your $397 without any refund policy should the software fail to deliver results as its developers promise.

Vigorous EA pricing

Other Notes

There is no available customer feedback about this EA. In our search on FPA, TrustPilot and Quora, we only found that the vendor of this FX system has a page on the TrustPilot platform. However, there are no reviews as of now hence 0/5 rating.

Vigorous EA customer feedback


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