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Velocity Finder Neural Trader Review

Velocity Finder Neural Trader

Velocity Finder Neural Trader is an indicator that was designed and released by Wetalktrade. They are well known scammers. They published many products that have never had any trading results behind them. This one is based on the “best trading strategies.” Of course, they don’t explain which ones. 

How Velocity Finder Neural Trader Works

The presentation is quite short and not informative at all. 

Velocity Finder Neural Trader Features
  • The indicator works on the market 24/5 looking for trading opportunities. 
  • The system provides us with signals which we have to execute manually. 
  • The expert advisor works with real-time data. 
  • It doesn’t repaint signals. 
  • It provides us with only signals with high accuracy. 
  • It works with various market conditions. 
  • It fits users with all trading styles and experiences. 
  • The system can be used on MT4 and MT5. 
  • The indicator was tested well. 
  • Alas, the presentation doesn’t include them. 
  • The developers decided not to explain the details of the strategies behind the system. 
  • It is designed for trading on any time frame and currency pair. 
Velocity Finder Neural Trader Features
  • It runs unique analysis patterns for prediction. 
  • There’s a welcome and 24/7 support. 

Applied Strategies

  • Most likely, there’s price action.
  • The indicator works with all currency pairs on all time frames. 
  • The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports that were mentioned. It’s a crucial disadvantage because it doesn’t let us know how the system worked on the past data and what results it managed to achieve. 

Velocity Finder Neural Trader Trading Results

Velocity Finder Neural Trader Trading Results

As usual for Wetalktrade, we have fake screenshots instead of verified trading results. They are profitable only on screenshots but never on the real or at least demo account. Lack of data shows us that the developers aren’t prepared to say what’s up with the system. Without verified trading results we don’t know what win rate, monthly and weekly profitability, profit factor, trade length, leverage, average win and loss, and much other information. 

Pricing & Refund

Velocity Finder Neural Trader Pricing

The system is sold for an absolute scam price – $450. The cost of this indicator is overpriced. The average price range for an indicator is from $30 to $70 on MQL5. There are developers with real reputations. The package includes an indicator and free updates. The support is delivered via chat one-to-one.

People Feedback

Velocity Finder Neural Trader People Feedback

We have only positive testimonials on the site that look fake. 

Velocity Finder Neural Trader - The rate

The rate looks out of place, too, because this couldn’t be rated that often. 

Velocity Finder Neural Trader People Feedback

Wetalktrade has a page on Forex Peace Army. The rate is 3.716 based on 33 reviews. There are warnings about fraud promotions. 

Velocity Finder Neural Trader People Feedback
Velocity Finder Neural Trader People Feedback

The service is ridiculous and can’t be treated like a professional one. 

Other Notes

Velocity Finder Neural Trader presentation

There are photos on which we can see some people stay within a branded table. It’s good, but trading results would be much better.


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