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Vantage Point X Review

Vantage Point X

Today our review will be about a Vantage Point X robot.

Vantage Point X presentation

The main page of the presentation looks unprofessional. Just take a look at these fonts, colors, and their placing. It’s disgusting.

Vantage Point X presentation

Instead of useful info, we see this block on the second page.

Vantage Point X presentation

The third page tells us nothing too, just useless wording. The picture is out of content too.

Vantage Point X education

Only scam companies introduce SEO-articles as educational materials. All of them were posted between June and the start of August 2020. 

How Vantage Point X EA Works

How Vantage Point X EA Works

We don’t know how it works because instead of strategies, the developers provide us with good-for-nothing statements.

Applied Strategies

Vantage Point X Applied Strategies

They make the future. It’s a good joke. You can’t even write a good and trustworthy presentation. It’s the last information the devs provided about the EA. There’s nothing more, just fake testimonials.

Vantage Point X Trading Results

Vantage Point X myfxbook

After the empty presentation, horrible and photoshopped backtests, we’ve got something real. It’s a real USD account on JP Markets. The robot trades with 1:400 leverage on MT4. As we can see, the devs don’t provide full info, so “Track Record Not Verified.” The account transparency sucks. Most information is closed from us. The total gain amounted to +24.22% after over two years of trading. The average monthly gain is 1.26%. The maximum drawdown is 15.9%. The drawdown values are so high compared to the monthly gain.

Vantage Point X advanced statistics

There were traded 2181 deals with 1909.6 pips. The average win (25.18 pips) is three times lower than the average loss (-81.92 pips). It means there are huge problems with money-management settings. The Longs win-rate is 70; Shorts is 78%. The average trade length is two days. 

Vantage Point X statistics

The EA works with two currency pairs: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. As we can see, most deals were closed on GBP/USD. Trading in both directions, the EA lost -5210.6 pips. 

Vantage Point X statistics

The EA prefers working during European and American trading sessions when most news about EUR, GBP, and USD symbols occur.

Vantage Point X statistics

The EA stopped working with quite low risks to the account balance.

Vantage Point X statistics

The last several pages of results were jolly good.

Vantage Point X monthly gain

During the last month of trading, the robot preferred working only with GBP/USD.

Pricing & Refund

Vantage Point X Pricing & Refund

The EA has three subscription-based packages that vary depending on terms. The “Basic” one costs $250 for three months. There’s no info provided about numbers of allowed real and (or) demo accounts. We’ll receive only support and installation through TeamViewer. The Yearly subscri[ption costs $500 annually. The Life-time one costs $1000. The devs provide no refund policy at all.

Vantage Point X broker promo page

The site includes a broker promo page with referral links on the registration pages.

Other Notes

Vantage Point X Notes

People’s testimonials enhance the presentation. Reading them, we’re not sure they’re real ones.

Review Summary


  • No pros


  • No team revealed
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No risks preference provided
  • Backtests are horrible
  • Trading results are mediocre
  • Low real account transparency
  • High drawdowns comparing to the monthly gain
  • The average loss is in three times higher than the average win
  • The EA was stopped nine months ago without reasons
  • The EA traded only GBP/USD in the last months
  • The EA kept trades open for days
  • Insane pricing
  • No refund policy provided


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