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V12 Trading Review

V12 Trading

Signal services have a high potential of enhancing the trading results. This is especially true if you use a Forex signal generating provider. For traders who rely on technical analysis, signals offer an excellent opportunity to decide on the trade entries and exits. 

V12 Trading is a signal service that claims to give returns of more than 3500 pips per month. The system can do most of the trading work for you, so you are left with just using the signals to execute the trades. You can find out more about this Forex signal provider in our detailed V12 Trading review. Our expert analysis gives you candid insight into the system and its reliability.

How V12 Trading Signal Provider Works

V12 Trading Signal Provider Works

Vendor presentation of the system includes a description of the service, its working methodology, plans and pricing, and contact information. But the info provided is not elaborate and just skims over the details. For instance, the customer support info includes two email addresses, a phone contact, and the Telegram account. We could not find details on the location or the team behind the signal service.

V12 Trading Signal Provider Works

Vendor info claims that the developers are experts with experience of over 8 years and have a success rate of 88%. To start using this system you need to download the Telegram App, choose a compatible broker, download MetaTrader 4 App, and start receiving the signal alerts. 

The vendor recommends using the BDSwiss Broker as the broker offers suitable trading conditions and signal compatibility. Around 3000 to 7000 pips per month are assured by the system. When you choose one of the packages offered, you can have access to important details including pips, best brokers, money management, strategy, and more.

Applied Strategies

No backtests are provided by the vendor which makes it difficult to evaluate how the system works. Strategy reports/backtests use historical data which reveal the performance of a system. We can find about the profitability, lot size, commissions, spread, etc. 

This Metatrader 4 compatible provider uses a pip locking strategy that involves altering the stop loss position with the progression of the trade. Using this trading approach the vendor can minimize losses and increase the returns.  3 to 12 signals per day or more are provided by the system. 

Leverage of 1:400 is used by the system and for average results, the vendor recommends a minimum balance of €250. 

V12 Trading Results

No verified trading results are posted on the official site. Trading results are a vital part of a Forex trading system. The results reveal the performance of a system and key info such as the profit generated, the risk to reward ratio, the drawdown one can expect, and more. Reliable third-party sites such as myfxbook, FXBlue, FXStat, etc. provide all the pertinent info ensuring they are authentic. Without the verified results we are unable to assess the efficacy of the system. 

Pricing & Refund

V12 Trading Pricing

Three different packages are found for this signal service. While the features provided are similar, the only difference is the duration of the subscription. The one VIP month package costs €49 and the 3 VIP months and 1 VIP year packages cost €119 and €349 respectively. 

Features provided include 3 to 12 signals daily, access to the VIP Telegram channel of the provider, the capability of working with Forex, Oil, Gold, Indices, and Crypto tools, and risk management. We could not find a money-back assurance that looks suspicious as such guarantees ensure the system is reliable. The absence raises suspicion about the efficacy of the system.

Customer Reviews

V12 Trading Customer Reviews

Several reviews of customers are provided on the Reviews section of the site. However, the chances of these reviews being manipulated are high. We would like the vendor to provide authentic reviews on sites such as the Forexpeacearmy site, Trustpilot, etc. Without authentic reviews, we are unable to evaluate the various significant aspects of the system such as customer support, performance, reliability, and more.

Overall rating
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