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Trality Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Trality Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Trality is a crypto trading platform that lets you create crypto bots, backtest, and trade with them effortlessly. As per the vendor’s claims, you can earn steady gains from algorithmic trading without quitting your regular job. In this Trality review, we are going to analyze the various aspects of this system to determine whether it is reliable or not.

Trality overview 

This platform was founded in 2019 by Christopher Helf, who acts as the CTO, and Moritz Putzhammer, who is the CEO of the company. Its headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria. Other members of the team include Senior Software Engineer Andrea Salcedo, Head of Growth Marketing Ovidiu Popescu, ML Engineer Constantin Dißelkamp, and Senior Backend Engineer Tamas Hodobay.

Trality quick summary

The key aspects of this platform are as follows:

  • Advanced code editor
  • Graphical rule builder
  • Top exchanges supported
  • Free plan 
  • Python API for coding algorithms
  • Fast backtester
  • End-to-end encrypted strategies 

What does Trality offer?

There are two options for building trading bots on this platform. You can use the code editor if you are familiar with the Python language. It lets you access financial information via API as well as a wide range of TA indicators. 

Alternatively, you can use the rule builder to create crypto trading bots. It has a graphical UI where you can create your trading logic using simple drag and drop actions. The trading strategies are predefined and you can choose from 100 technical indicators.

Trality reputation

Trality has been featured in various places like Investing.com, The Cointelegraph, Trending Topics, and Der Brutkasten. It has user reviews on third-party websites, which tells us that the platform has a decent reputation.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

The supported exchanges are as follows:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Bitpanda


There are four pricing plans, namely Pawn, Knight, Rook, and Queen. The first one is the free plan with a 5000 Euros trading volume and one live and virtual bot. With the Knight plan, you get 25,000 trading and two live and virtual bots in exchange for 9.99 Euros/month. The Rook plan is available at 39.99 Euros/month, providing you with a trading volume of 250,000 Euros, as well as five live and virtual bots each. Finally, there is the Queen plan that costs 59.99 Euros/month. It has an unlimited trading volume, and you can work with ten live and virtual bots. This plan also offers unlimited log retention.

Security and privacy of Trality

This platform cannot access your funds and they remain secure in the exchange. It uses official exchange APIs to establish secure connections.

Are traders happy with Trality?

User reviews for Trality on Trustpilot.

Trality has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 24 reviews. Users have praised the quick setup process, the cheap subscription plans, and the handy features.

Profitability of Trality

Because of the highly speculative and volatile nature of the crypto market, you are not guaranteed to win profits. The vendor recommends not investing more than you can afford to lose.

Deposits, withdrawals and fees 

You cannot deposit or withdraw funds using this platform. There are no additional charges apart from the subscription fees.

Advantages of Trality

The advantages are as follows:


You can optimize your trading bots within a few seconds thanks to the backtesting feature. You can select the testing period as well as the testing scenario. 

Multiple ways to build bots 

Experienced professionals with coding skills can use the code editor to build their bots. Inexperienced individuals can also create bots using the rule builder. The strategies are predefined, so you don’t need coding skills. You can arrange the components of the strategy using simple Boolean logic.

Paper trading 

There are virtual accounts on this platform where you can conduct walk-forward testing. Prior to investing real money, you can use this feature to validate your trading schemes.

Disadvantages of Trality

Here are the disadvantages:

Only supports four exchanges 

Currently, there are a limited number of exchanges supported by this platform. However, the list will keep getting expanded.

No mobile app

Since there is no mobile app, you cannot create bots and conduct trades on the go.


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