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Best Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners

best forex trading strategies for beginners

Forex trading is an impressive opportunity for making money. Many traders have become millionaires thanks to the persistent analysis of charts and the preparation of profitable strategies. Let’s be honest: the most unique and profitable strategies are never disclosed by professionals. However, there are a number of strategies that are suitable for beginners. If you adhere to the main rules of any strategy, the result will positively affect your deposit. So let’s get started.

Day trading

The essence of day trading is not to leave open transactions the next day, that is, not to leave them overnight. It is due to the fact that at night “gaps” are possible, which carry a great danger. Compared with scalping, in intraday trading there are much fewer transactions with a longer duration.

Features of intraday trading:

  • Periodic monitoring of open transactions. If a trader works on a timeframe of 30 minutes, it is best to follow the chart every 30 minutes;
  • A thorough study of economic news that seriously affects the outcome of the day;
  • Day trading is characterized by the use of strategies and various indicators, which are not so difficult to choose.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a way of trading using the moments of rollback (correction) that occurs during the formation of a trend. Its characteristic feature is the use of day / week time frames and strict adherence to risk management. Here’s what it looks like in a simplified example.

best forex trading strategies swing trading

Thus, swing trading is a set of strategies that have a goal: to enter the trend at the time of rollback and make a profit with the least risk. Based on the wave theory, in addition to pulsed waves, the trend also has correction waves, of which there are 3 in the standard trend of 5: 3 (five trend waves and three correction waves).

It gives us at least 3 good entry opportunities. However, this applies to the ideal trend in a vacuum. In practice, the distribution of the number of waves may be different. There are 7: 3, 7: 5 and even 21 to 13. All this opens up great opportunities for swing trading. Fortunately, for successful trading it is not necessary to study the Elliott Wave Theory. It will be enough to understand the basic principles of trading in the system.

Positional trading

Long-term trading lasting 3-6 months is called positional trading. At first glance, it may seem that the longer-term approach, the less profitable it is. In fact, position trading has the highest potential for profit and that’s why.

best forex trading strategies sitional trading

Firstly, a trader holding a position in the direction of a strong trend allows the market to do all the work and saves itself from errors, incorrect entries, missed transactions, etc. Secondly, by increasing profitable positions, a trader can achieve non-linear profit growth.

A positional trader must have a good grasp of fundamental analysis, an understanding of how more money and the global supply and demand forces work. Further, the knowledge of the technical analysis of a positional trader should also be quite advanced – not only for large timeframe charts, but also for short-term execution tactics.


Scalping is a style of trading in financial markets in which the trader’s transactions last from a few minutes (and sometimes even seconds) to several hours. Sometimes scalping also includes intraday trading (transactions open in the morning and close in the evening), but more often this is called intraday trading.

best forex trading strategies scalping

Given the short-term nature of opening positions, profit from transactions, as a rule, is a few points (less often – a few dozen). The trader compensates for the small amount of profit with a large number of opened transactions. Where a short-term trader opens one trade on a trend, the scalper opens several, managing to “catch” even corrections. As a result, for the same time period, the scalper manages to get more profit.

News trading

Trading news is one of the most popular methods of trading stocks, currencies and other financial instruments in the financial markets. Trading news releases can be an important tool for financial investors. Economic news reports often drive strong short-term movements in markets that can create trading opportunities for traders. Announcements of corporate profits, a change of leadership, rumors of a merger are events that can lead to a sharp increase or fall in the price of shares in the company.

best forex trading strategies news trading

News trading should become an integral part of investment developments. While daily traders can trade on the news several times during one trading session, long-term investors will be able to do this only occasionally.

Regardless of the investment experience of traders, the ability to trade news is an important skill for managing a portfolio and its long-term performance.


Trend trading is an extremely popular approach to conducting transactions, the essence of which is expressed in the following principle: a trader enters a position when there is a clear trend in the market. Even those who do not consider themselves primarily trend traders often consider trend movement as part of their strategy analysis.

What is trend trading? Trend trading assumes that assets will continue to move in accordance with the current trend. For example, if the price constantly updates its maximum for a certain time, and the lows decrease, then there is a steady trend. It is worthwhile to understand that price movements can change when there are signs of a reversal, for example, a breakthrough of a long-term trend line.

best forex trading strategies trend-following

The trend can be used by short-term, medium-term or long-term traders. Regardless of the selected period of time, a large number of traders can remain in their positions until they are convinced that the trend has unfolded; although reversals may occur at different times for each period of the story.


The whole idea of trading against the trend is to catch a reversal and if you are lucky to “saddle” a new trend as early as possible. In this case, support and resistance levels, as well as price action signals, will become indispensable helpers for us.

best forex trading strategies counter-trend

Remember that in trading counter-trend you always need to use stop-loss, because it is possible that the price can continue to move along the trend at any time. In trading against the trend, the key is the moment you enter the trade. Any trend will unfold sooner or later, but it is important to open a deal precisely at the moment of a reversal. If you entered the transaction at the wrong moment, do not tempt fate and do not move stop-loss. Let the deal close with a small loss than you lose the entire deposit.

Price action

Almost every novice trader who decides to seriously study the basic methods of analysis and techniques faces such a concept as Price Action. At the same time, not all newcomers correctly understand the essence of the “price action” method, mistaking it for a trading system or strategy.

Contrary to the stereotype popular with beginner Forex traders, Price Action is not a trading system, but rather a trading style based on some templates. Candlestick analysis itself is more comprehensive, and includes many techniques. Price Action is one of such methods, and not the simplest, but one of the most effective.

best forex trading strategies price action

Price Action trading is done using setups or patterns. Patterns are candles of a certain type (or group of candles) that signal a certain price behavior. Patterns perform the same function in Price Action as figures like a “double bottom” or “flag” in a graphical analysis, or intersection in an indicator.

However, the significant difference is that the Price Action setups demonstrate the price behavior in the most “pure” form, without imposing additional tools or indicators. Many experienced traders appreciate Price Action precisely for the lack of additional filters, which, in their opinion, only clutter the chart and are confusing.

How to choose a Forex strategy

Each trader sooner or later comes to a single ideal of trading, which suits him more than everyone else. There are completely different and opposite trading styles and strategies that are completely opposite to each other. Each of them has its pros and cons, as well as different knowledge and requirements of the trader. Start with a simple strategy to understand how it works. After a long practice and market research, you can create your own trading method based on your experience. Often the simplest strategies remain with the trader for life.


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