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Trading Manager Pro Review

trading manager pro

Trading Manager Pro is today’s robot review. By going to the devs’ site we see a pleasant and neat presentation of the product. The first interesting moment is that when you click on the “Learn More” button, it goes nowhere, just like the “Buy Now” button. It looks a little strange that people who want to sell a product to us have not even checked the performance of their site.

In-depth Trading Manager Pro Review

As we can see from the presentation the robot has got “We are not only a team of experienced Expert Advisor creators and developers but also dedicated Forex traders for many years. Today we present you a brand new kind of FX EA where you can choose your own strategies to better suit your trading style and achieve the profit goals you want. It has been strongly proven that Trading Manager Pro meets every trader’s needs,” they said.

Trading Manager Pro is a highly customizable EA with a good money management system. 

The robot provides two types of trading: semi-automated and fully-automated. 

There have been six updates since May 2017. It’s good because of showing the devs care about the product and its performing.

Applied strategies 

There applied powerful back-up strategies and MTF Price Action and Indicator Filters. Included tools allow the trader to improve his or her own strategy.

Trading Manager Pro trading results

The robot has been running two real USD Cant accounts.

trading manager pro myfxbook

Trading Manager Pro uses RoboForex as a brokerage company with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During a year and a half period, the robot has managed to gain +191%, with the daily gain equals to 0.2%, monthly one 6.26%. The Forex EA runs with very-high level of drawdowns (56%).

trading manager pro myfxbook

It’s nice to notice that we usually don’t: this year for the robot is better than the previous one. Annual gain is +106% and profit is $24717 (+18468 comparing with the 2018 results).

trading manager pro statistics

The robot has been set up not to trade during the opening and closing the markets. So, after 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. the robot chills. 

trading manager pro statistics

Trading Manager Pro has performed 4083 deals with (-11830 pips). The longs won win rate is 58% short ones 57%. The average trade length is about twelve hours. The profit factor is 1.98.

trading manager pro monthly analytics

Every month the EA trades the same currency pairs: GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/JPY. From the annual chart of monthly gains, we can see that the robot is able to be profitable every month growing the account.

Pricing And Refunds

The robot pricing is very high.

trading manager pro pricing

For $600 we’ll get the robot with one real account for a year, for $1000 the same package will get for a lifetime. The Platinum version for $1600 allows us to run five real accounts and two demo ones. As well, this package includes some of the well-known best commercial EAs, DeltonPRO EA, Sniper Suite EA and even Spartan Bolt EA setting for free. The Professional version costs $1300 with 3 live accounts and one demo, but without bonus set files.

Other notes

The robot sells through PayPal and there’s no money-back-guarantee option. Every package of the product offers us lack of demo accounts to test the robot,


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