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Toyota Outperforms Tesla in Automotive Race


Toyota Motor has emerged victorious in the race for global automotive dominance, with its latest financial results revealing higher profit margins than electric vehicle giant Tesla. This development sheds light on the highly competitive nature of the electric-vehicle market and highlights how Tesla is strategizing to rapidly expand its sales.

Toyota’s Strong Q2 Performance

On Tuesday, Toyota (ticker: TM) announced its financial results for the quarter ended June 30, representing the first quarter of fiscal year 2024. The company’s adjusted earnings per share reached a solid 39 cents, matching Wall Street estimates according to FactSet. Additionally, sales surpassed expectations, totaling approximately $74 billion compared to the estimated $69 billion.

Toyota investors responded positively to the results, driving a 2.5% increase in overseas trading. Pre-market trading also saw a rise of about 1.3% for Toyota’s U.S.-listed American depositary receipts (ADRs). In contrast, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures experienced modest declines of approximately 0.3% and 0.1% respectively.

Impressive Sales Volumes and Margins

During the quarter, Toyota achieved sales volumes of 2.3 million units, showcasing growth from the previous year’s two million units. The company’s operating-profit margins also made a substantial leap, reaching around 10.6%, compared to 6.8% from a year ago. Toyota’s margin had not surpassed the 10% mark since the final quarter of 2021.

Easing Supply-Chain Woes

Toyota’s impressive margin expansion indicates a positive shift in the global auto industry’s longstanding supply-chain challenges. The sector has long grappled with issues like semiconductor shortages, which led to production constraints and increased costs across the board.

These results signify Toyota’s ability to navigate supply-chain problems effectively, positioning the company for further success in the highly competitive automotive market. As the battle for dominance continues, the industry eagerly observes how Tesla responds to Toyota’s latest achievement.

Sources: FactSet

Toyota Outshines Tesla in Operating-Profit Margin

In a surprising turn of events, Toyota has surpassed Tesla’s operating-profit margin for the first time since Q2 2021, marking a significant achievement for the Japanese automaker. Even during a time when Tesla implemented substantial price cuts to maintain its market share in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, Toyota managed to outperform its American counterpart.

The growing competition in the EV market is evident as more than 30 EV models sold over 1,000 units in the US during Q2 2023, compared to just around 20 models a year ago. However, despite this intense competition, Toyota has witnessed impressive growth, with battery-electric vehicle sales increasing by an astonishing 623% year over year.

While Toyota’s EV sales have soared, it is worth noting that they still constitute a relatively small portion of the company’s overall sales. In the second quarter, Toyota sold approximately 29,000 BEVs, accounting for only 1.3% of its total sales volume. In contrast, Tesla remains the industry leader in BEV sales, having sold around 466,000 units in the same quarter, marking an impressive 83% increase compared to the previous year.

The discrepancy in market capitalization between Tesla and Toyota is evident. Tesla holds a market capitalization of about $840 billion, while Toyota’s stands at approximately $270 billion. This substantial difference is attributed to the fact that Tesla exclusively focuses on EV production, capturing a significant share of the rapidly growing EV market at the expense of traditional vehicles.

As we look at the performance of both companies’ stocks, Toyota’s American Depository Receipts (ADRs) have experienced a modest 1% increase over the past 12 months. In contrast, Tesla shares have undergone a 10% decline during the same period.

Overall, these recent developments highlight the distinctiveness of both companies within the global automotive industry. While Toyota’s achievement in surpassing Tesla’s operating-profit margin is commendable, Tesla’s dominance in the BEV segment cannot be overlooked. It will be intriguing to see how these two industry giants continue to compete and evolve in the ever-changing landscape of the automotive market.


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