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Top Scalper Review

Top Scalper

Top Scalper is a trading solution that was published on the MQL5 forum by Valerii Gavitov on July 03, 2021. The last update was 60.7. The system was demo tested 370 times. The presentation looks short and not informative. 

How Top Scalper robot works

It’s time to discuss trading parameters, settings, strategies, and other details. 

  • Top Scalper is a fully automatic trading solution. 
  • There are four copies left for $350. 
  • We have to expect that the next price will be $450. 
  • It trades during the American trading sessions only. 
  • The system also acts as a night scalper. 
  • We can trade with it on any broker house. 
  • We have to work on the ECN account. 
  • The system places Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. 
  • The advisor covers each order with fixed SL. 
  • If an order is closed there are no more orders on the same day. 
  • We must know how to set GMT Offset properly. 
  • The developer promised to help us with this. 

Applied strategies

  • The robot uses a scalping strategy as the main one. 
  • The only pair to work is EUR/CAD. 
  • It executes orders on the M15 time frame. 
Top Scalper backtest report for EURCAD pair.

We have a EURCAD report on the M15 time frame to discuss. The period of data from IC Markets was three years.  An initial deposit was $1000. It has turned into $1,146,846 of the profit. The leverage was set at 1:500. It has closed 644 orders. The win rate was 84% for shorts and 73% for longs.  

Top Scalper trading results

Top Scalper trading results that were removed.

The robot worked on a real $300 ECN account on RoboForex. The maximum drawdown was 13.1%. The maximum deposit load was low as well, 13.9%. The accuracy rate is 33.3%. It’s a scam win rate. The robot traded on the account for only a week. The total growth has become -5.35%. 

Top Scalper growth chart.

The system became a scam right after the beginning.

Top Scalper trading details.

The robot has closed six deals. The best trade was $10.29 when the worst trade was -$15.05. An average trade frequency was 6 deals a week. An average trade length was 20 hours. The Recovery Factor was -0.54. An average profitable order was $9.94 when an average losing order was -$8.99. 

Top Scalper distribution details.

The direction didn’t trade equally. The Sell direction was traded twice more frequently than the Buy one. Trading ended with -188 pips of losses. 

Top Scalper drawdown chart.

The period before significant losses was under heavy drawdowns. 

Top Scalper warnings.

When the system worked, it received various warnings from the MQL5 watchdog bot. 

Pricing & refund

Top Scalper offer.

The robot can be bought for $350. This price was increased from $250. There’s a single rental option for $125 for three months. The system isn’t supported with a money-back guarantee. We can download the system for free to check settings on the terminal or execute backtests. 

People feedback

People testimonials about Top Scalper EA on FPA.

People are angry that the system doesn’t work properly, and the developer answered nothing and didn’t want to fix it. 

Other notes

The dev’s portfolio on mql5.
The dev’s portfolio on mql5.

The developer has removed this trading account from the listing. It’s suspicious. He must have stopped selling the system as well. 

The developer’s profile on mql5.

The developer is from Russia and has a 14,597 total rate. His products have a 3.9 (it was 4.4) based on 31 reviews. The system knows about 11 signal accounts, but there are only two of them shown.


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