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Top 8 ICOs in 2022

Top 8 ICOs in 2022

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) had surpassed venture capital as the primary source of funding for blockchain firms at their peak in 2017. According to analysts, it is one of the fastest-growing industries. An ICO is a type of capital-raising activity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment. They are typically used by startups to raise funds. 

ICOs, which are a sort of digital crowdfunding, allow entrepreneurs to not only collect capital without giving up equity but also to build a community of motivated consumers who want the project to succeed so that their presale tokens appreciate in value. The main benefit of ICOs is that they eliminate intermediaries from the capital-raising process, allowing companies and investors to communicate directly. ICOs is an event that usually extends over a period of one week to one month but could go for longer.

iCommunity Labs (ICOM)

iCommunity home page

iCommunity is Europe’s leading blockchain technology as a service platform, often known as BaaS. (Blockchain as a service). It enables the development and integration of various blockchain use cases in a variety of applications in a simple, quick, and cost-effective manner.

The ICOM token is a critical component of the platform’s functioning, and it will serve as a connection to improve, develop, and scale the business models of all ecosystem enterprises and users. The goal of this tokenized service sale is to inspire and speed the transformation of businesses, professionals, and private enterprises across all industries.

The presale sold out in minutes, for a total of one million dollars. There will be two phases to the public sale. Phase 1 is available for purchase via the web, credit card, or cryptocurrency. Phase 2 might be an ICO, with tokens sold on the website like Phase 1, but they’re also considering an IEO.

Forgotten Coin (FTC)

Forgotten Coin home page

The Forgotten Coin is a Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 coin. As a result, it is secured by BSC’s hybrid consensus mechanism, which combines Proof-of-Stake with Proof-of-Authority into the Proof of Staked Authority (or PoSA) consensus. 

“Forgotten Chain” is the first installment in the Forgotten Metaverse. A fantasy medieval MMORPG set in a world divided between three kingdoms, Taria, Drakary, and Xaetha, who are always at war over power and land. The world is full of mystical energies and dangerous animals, and it is constantly in need of a new hero to save it from its perils and bring its kingdom to the top.

FTC may be obtained through participating in in-game activities or by owning a company that provides services that users require in order to gain access to new sections of the Metaverse.

FreshCut Diamond (FCD)

FreshCut home page

FreshCut Diamonds motivates content creation and fan engagement within the FreshCut ecosystem. In the FreshCut mobile app and Discord community, users may earn $FCD by using the Create-and-Earn and Engage-and-Earn features.

Fans may tip artists for their work with $FCD and, in the future, buy unique digital collectibles developed in collaboration with FreshCut producers. Members of the FreshCut ecosystem will enjoy membership perks, as well as the chance to participate in platform and community choices through the FreshCut DAO.

FreshCut is now working on incorporating a proprietary Web3 wallet into the app, as well as engage-and-earn and create-and-earn mechanisms.


WOLFILAND home page

It’s a new Metaverse system that combines Defi, Game, and NFT technologies with a digital market. Furthermore, it provides Token and NFT holders with passive income in a novel and unique way.

WOLFILAND, being a Standard Token, is particularly flexible to SmartContract, allowing it to be used in a variety of crypto projects. Its team thinks WOLFILAND’s value will not drop because it was evaluated by experts based on current trends against reality. As one of the cryptocurrencies based on the Binance blockchain, the WOLFILAND ICO is found in major exchanges.

AizaWorld (AIZA)

AizaWorld home page

Aiza World is a Metaverse game series and value exchange platform in which NFTs are the key to unlocking the next era. Aiza World is a decentralized platform that aims to assure justice and provide possibilities in both financial and non-financial ways for participants, investors, lenders, borrowers, crypto-lovers, and everyone else who believes in the Metaverse revolution.

Players can both play and make money by selling their NFTs using the governance token (AIZA). Players may use NFTs to create their own army and accomplish tasks in PVE games, as well as battle with other players in PVP events and future features to obtain the in-game token (named by the sound of happiness, AHA).

Rolaz Gold (rGLD)

Rolaz home page

Rolaz Hedge Fund is the first blockchain-based decentralized investing protocol. The decentralized investment protocol powers nearly everything from platforms, oracles, and dApps to smart contracts and every other integration.

The Rolaz Protocol is built and designed to tokenize investment, natural, and financial assets in a systematic manner. Rolaz Gold (rGLD) is an asset-backed token and the investment business Rolaz Hedge Fund’s first tokenized product.

With rGLD, their aim is to deliver transparency and economic chances to everyone who has previously been denied access to profitable, closed-door investments.


O-MEE home page

O-MEE is a Web 3.0 social subscription and NFT marketplace. Creators may use the platform to share their most recent photos and videos, live stream to their fans and write about their latest moves. Users can link their social networking accounts in order to transmit their most recent posts and media items. 

Users may republish and mint material on their O-MEE profile, which is then shown for their followers to like, interact with and share using plug-in technology. Users can create and produce fresh material to provide more exclusive stuff to their subscribers. All of the platform’s content may be turned into NFTs and sold on the NFT marketplace.


GIGCO home page

The GIGCO ideology centers around empowering creatives and venues to connect directly by establishing a new trustworthy booking protocol, a healthy utility token, and user integration.

Music fans all around the world want to feel more connected to their favorite performers and venues. Now, thanks to a mix of NFTs and smartly structured staking programs, fans may not only feel that connection but also benefit from it.


In recent years, the emergence of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has had a tremendous influence on capital-raising operations. Investors send money to projects they want to support in exchange for new or existing cryptocurrencies. If successful, those new coins will act as shares and may be exchanged on a crypto exchange; however, there is no guarantee that investors will get anything back. In this article, we have discussed the top 8 ICOs in 2022.


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