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TJ10X Indicator Review

TJ10X Indicator

TJ10X Indicator is a trading solution that was designed based on the trend indicators from a terminal. The developers are SinryAdvice. We have a statement that “Trend Power Feature that shows how accurate and strong the signal is.” We don’t know if this is a viable claim. 

How TJ10X Indicator works

SinryAdvice has never written well-explained presentations. It’s always a challenge to gather all the information for us in one place. 

  • Thr indicator is a semi-automatic trading solution that helps us to understand that it’s the right time to open a trade.
  • We may decide on our own to open trade or not to open. 
  • The only terminal to work is MT4. 
  • The system allows trading on all cross pairs. 
  • We can trade on any time frame we want. 
  • These signals are reliable. 
  • The system provides us with signals. 
  • The presentation includes some videos that should help us to understand how the system should be customized. 
  • There are five trading strategies. 
  • The win rate is up to 82%.
  • It helps us to improve our trading technique. 
  • The system includes pop-ups and other alerts. 
  • The main strategies are Scalping, Fast Scraper, Tick Trend, Swing, and Trend. 
  • To start trading, we have to write our account number. 
  • We have to “insert the key in the token section which is on the input tab of indicator settings and after that go to the common tab and click Allow Dll Imports, then run it.”
  • “Only Trade when the signal candle is close. During open candle signals may vary.”
Chart with attached indicator.
  • The system looks like this attached to the chart. 
  • “In order to use Trend Power, you need to take signals that have above 40 trend power, and any number below 40 don’t trade because it has lower odds.”

Applied strategies

  • The system uses Scalping, Fast Scraper, Tick Trend, Swing, and Trend strategies. 
  • We can work on any cross-pairs. 
  • The system runs all time frames at once. 

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. We can’t be sure that the system was tested well and the strategy is sophisticated. It’s weird that the developers decided not to check it on the real tick data from various brokers. As a result, we can’t be sure that these strategies can work together. 

TJ10X Indicator trading results

The same picture we have about trading results. The developers decided not only to risk their money but also not to waste time applying the system to a demo account. Lacking this data doesn’t let us know what results the system can reach trading on the real account like win rate, profitability, average trade length, and so on. 

Pricing & refund

TJ10X Indicator’s pricing.

TJ10X Indicator costs $59 instead of a never-existing price of $100. The delves provided no information about package details. It’s unprofessional to sell the system like this. 

People feedback

The developers have some accounts on their advisors that they sell. It’s weird that they decided to sell indicators without proper trading results that could convince more people that the system is good. 

Other notes

Fake customer testimonials.

The presentation includes some fake and faceless testimonials. All of them recommend this product.


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