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Tip Toe Hippo Review

Tip Toe Hippo

Tip Toe Hippo is an FX EA that claims to exceed profit expectations and provide high returns. It employs statistical and mathematical processes for designing automated trading software. As per the vendor, the company has a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The profitable returns of the company are verified by multiple reputed sites. You will be receiving the trades directly on your account.

How Tip Toe Hippo EA works

Features of Tip Toe Hippo.

From our evaluation of the official site, we find the vendor reveals very minimal details about the EA. Other than a few words about the features of the FX robot we cannot glean any relevant info about the MT4 tool. In the About Us section, the vendor reveals the info of the team members. 

Norm, Dylan, Grant, and Max are the team members having diverse skills and are responsible for creating the automated trading algorithms for the company. The experience and skills of each of the members are present. 

We could not find other vendor details like the founding year, location address, phone number, etc. For support, the vendor provides an online contact form, live chat, and one-on-one support on request.  

Promises made by Tip Toe Hippo

The main features of this FX robot include safe, easy, and profitable software, fully verified profits, an average monthly return of 5%, and low-risk trades. We find the info present does not reveal much about the system and its functionality. A minimum deposit of $1000 is required, but the vendor recommends using a capital of $5000 for better returns.

Applied strategies

The vendor does not disclose the strategy used by the ATS for identifying and executing profitable trades. This lack of transparency raises a red flag for the EA. Furthermore, the vendor does not provide backtesting results. Even if the results of the backtests do not predict a similar return in the future, the tests are vital tools for understanding the efficacy of the trading approach. 

Tip Toe Hippo trading results

A real USD account using the Global Prime broker and automated trading with the leverage of 1:200 on the MT4 platform verified by the myfxbook site is shown here. 

Growth curve showing performance of Tip Toe Hippo.
Advanced trading stats for Tip Toe Hippo

From the trading stats in the screenshots above, we can see a total profit of 30.57% and an absolute profit of 19.39%. The difference in the two values looks suspicious and can be due to the risky approach used by the EA. Other trading stats of importance include a daily profit of 0.18%, a monthly profit of 5.55%, and a drawdown of 5.87%. For the account that started in May 2021, a deposit of $27,660, a total of 176 trades have been completed with a profitability of 51% and a profit factor value of 1.61. From the trading history, we can see varying lot sizes are used ranging from0.90 up to 4.10 or more. The varying lot size indicates the system uses a high-risk approach.

Pricing & refund

Pricing packages of Tip Toe Hippo.

A subscription-based system is present for this MT4 tool. You need to shell out $50 per month for the monthly package which includes direct automated trading, regular support, and instant access. With the quarterly package, you get a 34% discount, direct automated trading, and instant access. 

You need to pay $100 for the pack and for the yearly package you need to pay $250 with a 58% discount. The vendor provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. When compared to the price of other competitor systems, the price looks a bit expensive as there are more affordable products with lifetime licenses are available.

Other notes

We could not find user reviews for this EA on reputed sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, and more. Such sites feature elaborate info on the expert advisor like its support, performance, and more. The absence of verified user reviews makes us suspect this is not a well-known EA in the market.

Overall rating
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