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Tioga Review


Tioga is a 100% automated night scalper robot that is compatible with all currency pairs. The vendor claims that the EA is capable of generating steady profits, but we cannot simply take their word for it. This necessitates a thorough analysis of the various performance factors in order to gauge the system’s profitability.

How Tioga EA works

Since there is no official website for Tioga, we only have the MQL5 marketplace to gather information about this robot. Here, the vendor has briefly explained how the EA functions and shared some details on the trading strategy. We also have a link to the live signals along with the vendor’s recommendations and some screenshots showing the backtesting results.

The developer behind this EA is a Turkish national called Ozkan Kara. There is virtually no information available on this person, however, their MQL5 profile tells us that they have experience of 4 years. We don’t have any official contact information and the lack of vendor transparency is pretty obvious. It seems this person has not built any other EAs in the past. 

Tioga uses a fixed stop loss with every trading position. It works on the M5 timeframe, and you can use it to trade in pairs like AUDUSD, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD, and USDCHF. When the input parameters are true, you can trade all selected pairs using only one chart. The minimum required account balance is $300 and the vendor recommends signing up with an ECN broker having low commission and spread. 

It is recommended that you trade with leverage greater than 100. Also, you need to make sure the broker supports AlgoTrading with expert advisors. The London time in the chart needs to match the current London time, and if not, you need to modify the Broker GMT parameter. 

There are two lot calculation types for this EA, namely Fixed Lot and Risk Percentage. If you don’t want to trade with a fixed lot, you can select the percentage of equity in risk for each pair. You can also select the maximum lot for each pair. The vendor recommends using a VPS server for Tioga.

Applied strategies

Being a night scalper, Tioga tries to take advantage of the minor price differences between pairs. It uses a mean reversion technique at the end of the US session. The main objective of the system is to generate small profits at a steady rate. Tioga makes its entry during the 2 hours between 21:00 – 22:59 GMT. At a time, it holds only a single position for each pair. The direction of its entry depends on the mean reversion strategy. 

Backtesting results of Tioga.

This backtest was carried out from January 2021 to October 2021. This is a very short testing period, and we think the vendor should have backtested the EA for at least a few years. The win rate for this backtest was 99.15%, which seems highly unrealistic. The profit factor and the relative equity drawdown were 5.24 and 4.70%, respectively. Compared to other systems, the profit factor is quite high, and the relative drawdown is below the danger level.

Tioga trading results

Growth chart of Tioga.

The vendor hasn’t shared the verified trading results for this EA. Here we have the live signals published on an MQL5 account having a trading history of only 61 days. Due to the short trading history, it is difficult to objectively assess the system’s profitability. The total profit generated through this account currently stands at $377.34.

At this moment, the win rate for this account is 91.34% after conducting 520 trades. The profit factor is 1.96 while the maximum drawdown is 9.4%.

Pricing & refund

Tioga carries a hefty price tag of $495. It makes no sense to spend this much money on a robot that has no verified history of generating profits in the live market. There is a 3-months rental plan that costs $95 and the vendor also offers a free demo version. However, there is no money-back guarantee offer.

Customer reviews

User reviews for Tioga on MQL5.

Currently, there are no user reviews for this robot on trusted third-party websites. We cannot trust the reviews posted on MQL5, since the vendor could have manipulated them.


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