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Thunder 30 Signals Review

Thunder 30 Signals
Trading Strategy Guides

Trading Strategy Guides provide a signal service called Thunder 30 Signals. The presentation starts with a fake statement about pure profits that are over $13000 so far. This is a lie because by checking the presentation we don’t find any sign of proof. 

Thunder 30 Signals presentation

How Thunder 30 Signals Works

The presentation looks wordy. It’s oriented on those who know completely nothing about Forex and whose attention can be caught by well-designed pictures.

  • The signals are delivered via email.
  • It allows traders to avoid losing trades that they could make themselves.
  • We can receive signals at the same time every day.
  • The signals have Entry Price and Take Profit.
  • We can set the risks on our account that we want.
  • The signals are good for every market condition.
  • We can start trading with a $100 balance.
Thunder 30 Signals chart
Thunder 30 Signals chart

Then we see these two photoshopped scam screenshots. The vendor tries to convince us that there were the trades they made. Of course, it’s a lie. 

Thunder 30 Signals presentation
  • Signals messages have that format: Direction, Symbol, Time Frame, Entry Price, Take Profit, and Two (?) Stop Losses.
  • They are delivered between 3.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern.

Applied Strategies

The EA allows “identifying trend opportunities” and trades them.

Thunder 30 Signals Applied Strategies
Thunder 30 Signals Applied Strategies

Frankly, we don’t know why they don’t like automatic trading. Today is 2020, almost 2021. No one would like to trade manually 14 hours a day. 

Thunder 30 Signals Applied Strategies

They rely on this indicator called Epic Money Management Tool. They don’t mention it in the presentation at all. Most likely, it wasn’t designed by them. The devs use Hull Moving Average, Aroon Up and Down, Keltner Channel, and Better Volume. Backtests were not provided. 

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Results

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Results
Thunder 30 Signals Myfxbook

We don’t have any link or something viable that could prove that the developers are profitable traders using the indicator. We’ve got, most-likely, a demo account that was created on November 18, 2019, and funded at $50000. For ten months, the account balance has become 27.1%. An average monthly gain was only +2.35%. The maximum drawdown was 9.58%. The robot closed 156 deals with 7273 pips. An average win trade in pips was 755. An average loss was -894 pips. The win-rate was low and equaled 56%-57%. An average trade length was over eight days. The Profit Factor was only 1.46.

Pricing & Refund

Thunder 30 Signals Pricing & Refund

The developers seriously thought that we could believe that signals can cost $797. 

Thunder 30 Signals Pricing & Refund

Here, we see a marketing trick when the price set sky-high, then the vendor decided to make a huge discount. Signals can’t cost $3000 at all.

Thunder 30 Signals Pricing & Refund

The devs warned us that once upon a time, they can just shut down the site. Most likely, with support, stopping delivering signals.

Thunder 30 Signals Pricing

The annual subscription costs $497. It’s a 100% scam because if the vendor has only a long-term subscription instead of a monthly one, it’s a scam.

Thunder 30 Signals payment

They asked for checking out right on their site. So, we have to share with a no-name company all our credit card details. 

People’s feedback

Thunder 30 Signals People’s feedback
Thunder 30 Signals People’s feedback

There are many positive testimonials, but as usual, they are fake. 


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