Home News Thousands more Los Angeles hotel workers strike

Thousands more Los Angeles hotel workers strike


In Los Angeles, for the second time in two weeks, housekeepers, cooks, dishwashers, and other hospitality workers have walked off the job. This strike is a result of their demand for higher wages and improved workloads.

Flash floods — potentially more dangerous than generalized flooding — have picked up within our weather and disaster parlance as climate change is scrutinized.

As climate change continues to be a topic that is scrutinized, flash floods have become a significant concern. These floods are potentially more dangerous than generalized flooding, impacting our weather and disaster scenarios.

Want 30 vacation days a year? Live in France.

France is one of the few countries that offers its residents 30 vacation days per year. Unlike the United States, where paid vacation time is not mandated, France prioritizes the well-being of its workforce by providing ample time for rest and relaxation.

USPS raises stamp prices for the third time in past year

The U.S. Postal Service has announced another price increase, marking the third time in the past year. This 4.8% hike is intended to offset the rise in inflation and maintain the efficiency of mail services.

Inflation rates will keep cooling, consumers say — except in one notable area

While consumers anticipate a decline in overall inflation rates in the coming year, there is one notable exception – home prices. Despite the cooling trend, home prices continue to surge, posing challenges for prospective buyers in an already competitive market.

Used-car loans are sinking deeper underwater, study finds

According to a recent study, borrowers taking out used car loans in the first quarter of 2023 borrowed 125% of the value of the car they purchased. This alarming trend indicates that many borrowers are finding themselves financially underwater when it comes to their auto loans.

Electric cars are oversupplied at some dealerships

Dealerships are currently experiencing an oversupply of electric vehicles (EVs) due to manufacturers producing them at a faster rate than the current sales demand. However, there is optimism as the sales rate for EVs is beginning to accelerate.

No more flat tires? Michelin testing its airless tires on French postal vans.

Michelin is revolutionizing the tire industry with their latest development – airless tires. In an effort to eliminate the inconvenience of flat tires and the costs associated with fixing tire pressure warning systems, Michelin is currently testing these innovative tires on French postal vans.


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