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The Fund Trader Review

The Fund Trader

The Fund Trader is a Forex trade copier service from the LeapFX team. It provides automated trade signals and according to the vendor, they have a win rate of over 80%. However, we cannot simply trust the words of the seller, and the true profitability of the system can only be determined by conducting a thorough analysis of its various aspects.

How The Fund Trader EA Works

The vendor has made an extremely brief presentation of the robot on the official website. Very little information is available on how the EA functions and even the main features of the robot have not been provided. We have a couple of screenshots showing steady monthly and yearly profits, and a link is provided for those who wish to access the software. Here, you need to provide your email address, and the service team will contact you with the details.

This robot has been developed by the LeapFX team that has been manufacturing Forex automated systems for quite some time. They have other systems like Trade Explorer, Bounce Trader, Gold Trader, Jet Trader Pro, News Action Trader, Funnel Trader, The Wave Scalper, Arbitron, etc. It is not clear who the developers and traders working for this company are, and we don’t know where the organization is based out of.

The Fund Trader monitors the trading activity of a verified fund trader and automatically copies the traders placed by them, for the users. As per vendor claims, the system has generated more than 29,000% profit in five years. No further details are provided about how this system works.

Applied Strategies

On the official website, we don’t have any data related to the trading strategy used by The Fund Trader. This is truly disappointing, since knowing about the technical details of the strategy would have helped us gauge the robot’s profitability. At this time, we don’t know what indicators the system uses, whether it trades as per the trend or against it, or whether it uses some special technique for extracting profits.

Since most Forex traders look for some kind of strategy insight before investing in a robot, this EA might not impress them as much. It certainly creates some trust issues, since the vendor has chosen not to reveal the working principle of this robot. We think this will deter most seasoned traders from purchasing this system.

We were hoping to find some backtesting results for this Forex EA, in order to figure out how it would perform on historical data. Although backtests are not a guarantee of decent live performance, it tells us whether the robot is worth using in a real-time trading scenario. In the absence of backtesting data, it becomes extremely difficult for us to determine the robot’s profitability.

The Fund Trader Trading Results

The Fund Trader Trading Results

Although the vendor has provided us with some screenshots on the official website that seem to be from a Myfxbook account, we were unable to find any such account on the Myfxbook profile of LeapFX. It could be that the vendor has chosen to discontinue the results, although we have no idea why. It makes no sense to conceal the live trading results unless the robot has suffered some severe losses that the vendor wishes to conceal.

Since we don’t have the live trading results for this robot, the vendor’s claim of the 80% win rate falls flat. Currently, we have no statistics using which we can get an idea about the system’s performance.

Pricing & Refund

The vendor has not even revealed the pricing details on the official website, so we are assuming that this is provided to users once they share their email addresses. This is quite unusual since most Forex automated systems have the pricing details clearly outlined on the official webpage. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee for this Forex EA.

Customer Reviews

After going through several popular review websites like Myfxbook, Quora, Trustpilot, and Forexpeacearmy, we were unable to find any user reviews for The Fund Trader. It is expected that not too many people will risk investing in a system that provides so little information and shares no verified statistics of its live performance. At this moment, we can say that this robot does not have much of a reputation in the market.

Overall rating
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