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The $3 Trillion Question: Apple’s Valuation and Future Growth



One of the most intriguing discussions in the stock market today centers around Apple and its extraordinary valuation of $3 trillion. While Apple primarily relies on the smartphone and PC markets, both of which have slowed in growth, there is speculation about the company’s future direction. As Apple prepares to release its latest financial results in early August, it is expected that their revenue will decline compared to the previous year.

Valuation and Growth Challenges

Apple’s stock currently trades at a substantial 29 times its projected profits for the fiscal year ending in September 2024. Additionally, it is valued at seven times its forward sales. To justify and maintain these high multiples, Apple would need to achieve an incremental $150 billion in sales – equivalent to the combined sales of IBM and Oracle – in order to reach a $4 trillion valuation.

Trusting in Apple’s Innovation

Despite the challenges, the market seems to possess unwavering faith in Apple and its ability to overcome hurdles. After all, it has proven to be an unprecedented buy-and-hold investment. However, investors and experts are left wondering about the future growth prospects of the company. What groundbreaking invention will Apple unveil next? Speculations range from the development of AI chatbots (which are reportedly already in progress) to long-rumored projects such as autonomous cars and even starships (although these futuristic ambitions remain premature).

Looking Beyond “What” and Focusing on “Where”

Perhaps, instead of asking what Apple will do next, we should shift our attention to where Apple should go next. In a recent extensive research report, Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring – an Apple enthusiast – argues that India holds the key to Apple’s future growth. Woodring predicts that, over the next five years, India will account for 15% of Apple’s revenue growth, eventually contributing to 20% of its user base.

Embracing India’s Potential

India’s vast population and emerging middle class present a promising market for Apple. By tapping into this booming economy, the company could accelerate its revenue growth and expand its reach to a significant number of potential customers. With Woodring’s analysis in mind, it becomes clear that India is not just a “what” or a product but a strategic “where” that could shape Apple’s future success.

In conclusion, while Apple’s current revenue sources may be stagnant, potential lies ahead in unexplored territories such as India. As Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the company’s next move, all eyes are on its ability to harness the massive opportunities presented by new markets – thus ensuring its continued dominance in the tech industry.

The Apple Opportunity in India: A Growing Frontier

In a recent analysis, it has been observed that Apple’s revenue from India has accounted for only 2% of its total revenue in the past five years. In stark contrast, China has consistently contributed around 18% of Apple’s revenue, with an impressive $75 billion generated annually.

However, experts like Woodring believe that this gap is about to narrow significantly. Both a thriving Indian economy and Apple’s strategic investments in the country are playing key roles in this shift. Notably, Apple has established its first stores in India, ramped up local manufacturing efforts, and introduced financing options to make iPhones more affordable. With all these factors aligning, Woodring confidently predicts that “India is set to become Apple’s next growth frontier.”

Woodring goes on to forecast that Apple’s revenue from India is expected to reach a staggering $40 billion over the next decade. Moreover, he anticipates that by the year 2032, India will account for a remarkable 10% of all Apple users worldwide. Such projections indicate that India will play a role in Apple’s future comparable to China’s impact over the last five years.

Given Woodring’s optimistic perspective on Apple’s prospects in India, he recently raised his target price for Apple stock to $220 from $190. Additionally, he presents a “bull case” scenario where the stock could skyrocket to $270. If Apple were to reach such unprecedented heights, it could surpass the $4 trillion mark and potentially even reach the astounding milestone of $5 trillion. The question then arises – where will Apple go next?


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