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ThatFXTrader Review


How relevant signals and how good courses of ThatFXTrader are?

It’s not a presentation of an electricity company or firefighter depot. It’s a presentation of a ThatFXTrader signal service company. We can click at About Us to know more about the company.

ThatFXTrader presentation

Okay! We’re ready to listen to. ThatFxTrader offers:

  • A very solid learning system in the FX trading arena.
  • They provide the best teaching method and offer unbiased and impartial advice.
  • They give us the personalized attention and bring to us all the services we need together under one roof, all at an honest price.
  • They continually keep abreast of the latest developments in the FX world. They integrate this evolution in our education platform, products, and services, incorporating the latest developments only when they make economic sense to you.
  • They strive to customize their approach to our individual needs and requirements.
TFXT is a partner of Keystone Academic Solutions

TFXT is a partner of Keystone Academic Solutions. “This partnership will enhance our ability to deliver our teachings and provide an opportunity to inspire people to become financially independent. Keystone Academic Services is an elite global leader providing educational solutions trusted by 3600 universities.”

Let’s sum up their services we found across the main page:

  • Educational courses.
  • Signals providing.
  • Live Interactive Group Training Sessions.
  • 1-1 Live Interactive Training Sessions.

Signals providing

ThatFXTrader Signals providing

We can receive “Top of the Line, Premium, Real-time Signals” with Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Every trade gets updates during a trading session.

ThatFXTrader Signals providing

Every week we will receive a video that unites during a week trading experience. “The discussion and breakdowns of trades sent, market conditions, tips & tricks and much more will be provided.” We can attach to a chart detailed analysis “where ThatFxTrader is entering and where the price is expected to move.”

ThatFxTrader sends to us the risk meter to info us about risks expectation about every signal. Across the messages, we’ll receive the fundamental updates to keep up with the latest news to make more accurate decisions.


They can provide more than three works for those who don’t know what it is, but in general, it’s ok to at least let us know what’s up with the strategy.

There’s some important intel in a FAQ section:

  • Signals are sent during the three main trading sessions: London, New York, & Asian ones.
  • The majority of signals are sent during the London session (1 AM EST-11 AM EST) and New York session (9 AM EST-5PM EST).
  • They can’t measure the number of signals they usually send during a week.
  • They can’t measure the number of pips as well.

The courses

ThatFXTrader The courses

So, the materials they introduced for us are relevant and will be useful for all levels of trading experience.

ThatFXTrader chart

They insisted that they will teach us everything that we have to know about Forex.

ThatFXTrader The courses

All courses will be available for us at once. There are over 75 hours of core training materials. ThatFXTrader implemented a Weekly Live Trading feature: “A weekly 1-2 hour web-based workshop answering all questions related to course content, trades, and market dynamics. Sessions are recorded and uploaded for viewing.”

ThatFXTrader The courses

It’s how materials are structured in the courses.

ThatFXTrader The courses

Live courses oriented on training, not more than 20 people at once.

The courses take five weeks to make them done. There are two sessions a week and around two hours per session. 

A cherry on the top is a “1-1 Live Interactive Training Sessions” feature:

  • The ultimate personalized 1-1 virtual training sessions designed to teach us everything we need to know to master FX trading on our way to become a successful trader.
  • Courses and materials are optimized and tailored to each individual.
  • Highly individualized experience, with immediate benefit from a collaborative relationship when we need an expert on our side.
  • Recordings & Supplemental sessions.

Trading results

ThatFXTrader Trading results

As trading results, we’ll see a Google Sheet file with no proven numbers.

ThatFXTrader Trading results

We don’t know, but the frequency of signals is so pathetic. Receiving a signal or two in a week is a good-for-nothing.


There are two prices one for signals and the second one for courses.

ThatFXTrader Pricing

A free trial is available during the first five days. After that, we’ll be charged for $15 monthly. Both packages include daily forex signals across 35 Currency Pairs, Trade Analytics, Videos of upcoming setups, Trade Breakdown, Active Radar, Voice Analysis, Fundamental Insights.

ThatFXTrader Pricing

Courses cost so high. The cheapest package costs $500. There’s “one-time payment” and only “30-day access.” Paying this, we’ll receive a full Forex training course, live weekly training, private classroom, group chat, e-book, and all materials are available 24/7. A $700 package is called “Live Interactive Group Sessions” and we’ll get in addition 5 weeks group sessions, homework, and session recordings. The last one costs $1200 and allows us to get 1-1 training sessions twice a week and personal mentorship.

Social networks profiles

ThatFXTrader Social networks profiles

As we can see, there are 1297 followers and a lack of updates. The last one was two months ago. There were several ones on March 21, 2020, but before these, the last update was on April 3, 2019.

ThatFXTrader Social networks profiles

Instagram profile updates more frequently. It has around 50K followers and 851 posts.

Both accounts don’t have any free signals for people to check how good they are.

Summing up


  • Big courses
  • Live sessions available


  • Lack of strategy explanations provided
  • No 3rd-party verified results provided
  • High pricing, especially for education
  • No free signals for people
  • Very low signal frequency
  • Little useful updates in social networks
Overall rating
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  1. I have used the services provided by Thatfxtrader and I can honestly say that, yes maybe the signal frequency is not as high as other providers but they are tested and offer better risk/reward ratio. There are many providers out there that take other’s signals and offer as their own.
    I asked and received copy of actual trades taken by Thatfxtraders and I verified that what is published is real. Less trades yes,but higher % of trades taking profit. Signals and set ups have been on the money.I may be lucky …… but maybe not. There are many fake players in the FX services arena and I don’t think Thatfxtrader is one of them. They are honest and care about my risks.They rank high on my grading.


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