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Tesla Stock: Approaching Volatility


Tesla stock (TSLA) is currently approaching critical support levels, indicating potential trading volatility ahead. With a stock chart resembling a mountain range, characterized by steep slopes, the recent climb that brought shares close to $280 seems to be transitioning to a downward trajectory.

According to Frank Cappelleri, the founder of CappThesis and a market technician, the immediate concern lies in the possibility of the stock breaking below a steep uptrend line. Similar trendline breaks have previously resulted in rapid downside action in 2023.

Having experienced a rapid increase from around $220 to $280, Tesla stock now faces the hurdle of potentially breaching the $260 mark. If this level is broken, $240 becomes the next target according to Cappelleri’s charts.

While the recent weakness in Tesla’s stock is not directly attributed to the company itself, there is a general correction taking place in the market. As John Roque, senior managing director and head of technical strategy at 22V Research, observes, Tesla is unlikely to be immune to this correction.

The extent of the stock’s potential decline is a pressing question for investors. Will Tamplin, an analyst at Fairlead Strategies, highlights that beyond the $240 mark identified by Cappelleri, another key support level for Tesla lies near $218. This level represents the starting point of a recent rally in mid-August and is definitely a price worth monitoring for investors.

The Volatility of Tesla Stock


In the world of technical analysis, experts often rely on stock charts to gain insights into the past trading patterns. By examining these charts, investors and traders can derive a sense of the future direction of a particular stock over the short- and medium-term. This approach is especially fitting for Tesla, a company whose stock price tends to experience rapid fluctuations due to the amplification of both positive and negative news.

Extremes in Perspectives

Tesla, a highly controversial stock, attracts investors and analysts who hold extreme viewpoints. For instance, Cathie Wood from ARK Invest anticipates Tesla’s stock to reach an astounding $2,000 per share in the forthcoming years. On the other hand, Gordon Johnson, an analyst at GLJ Research, believes that Tesla’s true value is around $24 per share. The staggering difference of over $1,900 between these two perspectives illustrates the enormous divide among investors and analysts regarding the true worth of Tesla. Such disagreement fuels great uncertainty in the market.

The Impact on Market Capitalization

Given the wide range of opinions surrounding Tesla’s valuation, it’s no surprise that the resulting market capitalization reflects this divergence. With Tesla’s current stock price hovering around $257 per share, the disparity in valuation equates to more than $6 trillion in market capitalization. It is rare to encounter stocks that generate such intense debate and controversy.

Varied Trading Strategies

While some investors actively seek to capitalize on short-term trading opportunities by taking advantage of Tesla’s volatility, others prefer a long-term approach. These buy-and-hold investors remain content as they patiently watch the value of their Tesla shares appreciate over time.

Market Performance

As of Thursday’s trading session, Tesla’s stock price experienced a 2% decrease. In comparison, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite dropped by 0.7% and 1% respectively.

Overall, the unpredictable nature of Tesla’s stock price continues to captivate investors and analysts alike.


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