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Telegram Connector Review

Telegram Connector

We’ve got a Telegram Connector solution to analyze. It’s software that can be used on MT4 and MT5. It allows not missing any trade in a Telegram channel from a signal provider. The main statements help us to remember cases when we lose trades because of we weren’t in time when the signal was posted: “If you are tired of missing good trades because you don’t look at your phone 24/7, use our software to connect your signal provider’s Telegram group with your MT4/MT5 trading account. That way you don’t have to be on your phone all day long but still get in on all the trades during the day.” It looks like viable trading software. 

How Telegram Connector Works

Let’s talk about its features, advantages, and settings:

  • The system will copy deals from a Telegram channel to our terminal (MT4 or MT5). 
  • The software is easy to set up. 
  • We will receive an email with your Telegram Connector software right after purchasing. 
  • We have to follow instructions to get the system set on our terminal. 
  • So, that’s it. We can receive orders from the channel to our terminal. 
Telegram Connector features
  • We have a list of the system’s pros. 
  • The system has a high execution speed. 
  • Orders can be placed within several seconds. 
  • We can customize the risk with which we want to work with. So, lot sizes will be changed automatically. 
  • We may control risks for each cross pair. 
  • We can work with fixed lots and percentages at the same time. 
  • The system allows us to work with FX, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • “The software can read any language with the built-in Multi-Language tool.”
  • The system will “move SL to entry after an x number of pips or the price when the price reaches TP1 then move SL to TP, when the price reaches TP2, etc.” All of this is a kind of trailing feature. 
  • The system can “read multiple take profit levels and execute each of them.”
  • The robot has an analysis feature that can summarize how the signals from each channel works. 
  • We can place our own SL and TP levels. 
  • We are allowed to decide if the signals will be in stand orders or pending ones. 
  • The pending orders can be customized by expiration time before getting canceled. 
  • We can customize risk for each channel. 
Telegram Connector. The system was downloaded 1384 times
  • The system was downloaded 1384 times. 
  • There are 1255 happy clients.
  • The developers have 1186 VIP users. 

Applied Strategies

There’s no strategy because it’s just a connector, not a trading system with its own strategy. 

Telegram Connector Trading Results

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports and trading results. Usually, it’s crucial, but not in this case. The software just helps us to work with the signals based on the strategies we have chosen. They may show some trading results as an example but this is not that crucial as if we’d like to buy a system based on strategies. 

Pricing & Refund

Telegram Connector Pricing

There are three packages available for purchase. The Basic pack costs $34.99 a month. The package includes two licenses for MT4 and MT5 terminals, unlimited Telegram signals, unlimited signal groups, lifetime updates, and support. The next buy in the price range is a Pro package for $49.99 monthly. There are five licenses. The ultimate package called VIP costs $79.99 monthly. There are ten accounts provided. We may like to use a promoted broker. 

People Feedback

Telegram Connector People Feedback

There is some positive feedback published. If the system is well designed, there shouldn’t be negative comments. 

Other Notes

We know that the developers are most likely from Denmark. We’ve got a street of registration, email, and phone number. We don’t know if they have a messenger on it for answering questions.


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