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Sweet Profit Robot Review

Sweet Profit Robot

Our search for the best Forex robot has led us to Sweet Profit Robot. Although from first glance it does seem legit and profitable, once we dive into the details, the signs of a scam become too glaring to ignore. But, let us give it the due diligence that we’d give to any other Forex robot and review it in detail. 

Sweet Profit Robot is developed to simplify a trader’s life and claims to make in excess of $444 per day. It is advertised as a beginner-friendly platform that requires no more than 20 minutes of work from its users. Find out more about how we dismantle their unreal claims in the sections below. 

How Sweet Profit Robot works

Sweet Profit Robot presentation

If we go by the home page, Sweet Profit Robot requires minimal manual input. It is publicized as a sales funnel that is 95% on autopilot. With no more than 20 minutes of work required on the part of traders, it can make up to $444 for you every single day. What they won’t tell is how impossible a claim that is to back up.  

Applied Strategies

Sweet Profit Robot uses strategies and models based on affiliate marketing. The sales funnels that users get are affiliated with promotional connections. To make money, users only need to send traffic to the offers. Sounds simple, right?

The business model of affiliate marketing allows users to promote the products and services offered by others. In our case, the robot utilizes sales funneling. Users can utilize email services or websites to reach others and make sales. It is these sales that allow users to receive a commission. But, with the Robot, users only need to (as the creators claim) redirect the people to the offers and the selling will be taken care of by them. 

There’s a great deal of automation that cuts down the time, which is all well. But, the traffic methods are shady and weak. Traders have to send traffic in order to generate profits. It’s not as easy as spending 20 minutes on a robot and expecting profits in excess of $444 every day. Even if you’re not computer literate, this is not as easy a task as the creators claim. To generate one’s own traffic for sales, it can take months or years to have stable traffic. 

Sweet Profit Robot Trading Results

Let us take a look at the trading results taken from a verifiable account and analyze them. 

Sweet Profit Robot Trading Results
Sweet Profit Robot Trading Results
Sweet Profit Robot Trading Results

Even though the strategy may not be a scam, there’s no way that traders can make in excess of $444 by simply spending 20 minutes a day. As the results so clearly indicate what we were afraid of, there are no net profits. It’s all losses, colossal losses, in fact. The drawdown is at more than 266%, which is extremely high for any robot. What this means is that the robot takes risks that no trader could even imagine and drains the money out of the account in no time. 

Pricing and Refund

The price ranges from $7.47 to $12.97, wherein the latter comes with ‘bonuses,’ whatever they are. But, with such impractical claims being devastated by the live results, there is no way it can be considered a nice investment. What makes things worse is that there is no guarantee that users will make any cash or get a refund for their purchase. 

Sweet Profit Robot Refund

When the results are not guaranteed the $444-profit promise every day falls flat on its face. 

Customer Reviews

There are no actual testimonials to document or prove that the system works or that it even makes any money at all. In fact, all the testimonials that can be found on their landing page are fakes and cannot be corroborated. This is a huge red flag as without actual evidence of customers using this robot to make profits, all that we are left with is a get-rich-quick scam that this robot is.


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