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Stealth Trader Review

Stealth Trader Review

Stealth Trader supposedly provides a new and fresh way to trade Forex. The vendor also says that the EA generates a low drawdown. This means that it’s designed to trade with low risks while optimizing profits without applying martingale or grid strategies whatsoever. By assessing this system, we will be able to see whether these assertions have some truth in them or not. 

How Stealth Trader works

These are the features the vendor says the robot has:

  • It is 100% hands-free and easy to use.
  • It’s safe for any account size.
  • The EA works on the MT4 account.
  • Stealth Trader supports GBPJPY currency pair only.
  • It comes with a detailed setup guide.

This robot was created by an individual called Greg James. He is part of LeapFX, a company popular for producing automated Forex tools. Mr.Greg currently manages funds for a few select private investors but has a history of working with a popular online trading platform before quitting. In any case, we cannot verify or deny these claims since there’s no evidence to back them up. 

Applied strategies

Stealth Trader works with the scalping approach, and even though the owner says that it doesn’t utilize the grid method, the live trading results prove the contrary. When we evaluated its trading history, we realized that the EA works with grids of orders. 

The vendor shares backtest results:

Backtest data of Stealth Trader.

As per this data, Stealth Trader was tested between January 2018 and March 2022. The account was initially deposited at $2500, and by the end of the trading period, the EA had made a profit of $2652.28 for it. So, the account balance rose to $5152.28. The monthly profit rate was 1.43%, while the drawdown was 10.49%. 

The completed trades were 1060, and the resulting win rates for long and short positions were 73% and 80%, respectively. The profit factor (1.39) was somewhat average and far from excellent. More losses were made compared to wins, as we had a higher average loss (-24.68 pips) than the average win (10.86 pips).

Stealth Trader trading results

Live trading stats on Myfxbook.

At the moment, Stealth Trader is running a real EUR account and the host is IC Markets. The account was opened in October 2021, and to date, the total gain made is 58.87%. On average, the system makes a monthly profit of 8.38%, which is pretty decent. The drawdown rate (16.42%) is low, indicating that low-risk trading is being implemented. We are not shown other data values, which is suspicious.  

Trading performance.

There are 319 completed trades with an average profit factor of 1.27. Generally, the EA holds a position for 43 minutes before closing it. So far, both long and short positions have attained success rates of 74%. The pips won are 329.2.

Risk of ruin.

The stats on the table above tell us that the account is in danger of being wiped out. 

Monthly returns.

April is the only losing month this year. 

Trading history.

The EA worked with the grid approach. Though it managed to make some profits with the approach on some occasions, it also made much higher losses. SL and TP levels were also set to manage risks and optimize gains, respectively. 

Pricing & refund

You can buy this EA for $347, renewable annually, or for a one-time payment of $597. The features incorporated into the packages are Stealth Trader Software, free updates, free customer support, best recommendations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Other notes

We could not find customer reviews for this robot on either Trustpilot or Forex Peace Army. This is hugely disappointing as these testimonials would have assisted us in understanding how the system behaves on traders’ accounts.


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