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SFI Indicator Review

SFI Indicator

SFI Indicator claims to be the most downloaded Forex trading tool in 2020, generating a 79% win rate. As per data provided on the website, it generates 66% more profits and has delivered 2109 orders till October 2020. However, we cannot simply go by the vendor’s claims and must analyze all the performance aspects of the system to gauge its profitability. 

How SFI Indicator works

The vendor has provided us with a list of all the main features for this indicator and has explained how it functions. They have also shared a video on the website explaining the strategy and how to use it properly. We have another video showing the live trading performance along with a screenshot of a verified trading profile on Myfxbook. The website also has an FAQ section and several screenshots of user reviews.

SFI Indicator is a product from the Malaysia-based SinryAdvice team. We don’t have any information on the developers working for this company, but we know that it has a technical team in India, a customer service team in Turkey, and a marketing and social media advertising team in the UK. This company has built robots like MG Pro EA, Swing VIP, SFI EA, and Trend Reversal EA.

You can use this indicator with all Forex pairs for the MT4. It provides signals for all timeframes and these are never repainted. It analyzes the trading chars and market trades to send signals to the user. By purchasing the indicator, you get access to a setup tutorial video and free installation. To install the system, you need to use a PC, however, you can run it on a mobile device by sharing your screen. The indicator sends notifications on your mobile while you are using the mobile version of Metatrader 4. 

After downloading the indicator you need to set it up on MT4 and send the account number to the SinryAdvice team. You will get the license key within 24 hours. The vendor recommends avoiding volatile markets and using the M5, M15, and M30 timeframes. You can use the indicator in combination with the SFI EA robot developed by the same company. This EA uses the signals generated by the indicator to automatically trade the market using a Martingale strategy. 

Applied strategies

On the video provided on the website, we get to see how the indicator displays the trading positions. However, the vendor has not shared any technical details about the trading strategy. According to them, the objective is to lose some pips in the beginning and then try to recover them in the subsequent trades. This is usually done with a high degree of risk, so we don’t think this is a safe trading approach. 

Since we can get an idea about the system’s profitability by analyzing the strategy, the lack of technical data will disappoint most traders. This is not an automated trading system, so the vendor has not deemed it necessary to test it using historical data. 

SFI Indicator trading results

Growth chart for SFI Indicator.

There are no verified trading results for this Forex indicator. The vendor has shared the screenshot for a live trading account on Myfxbook generating a total profit of $1732.35. However, it seems this account no longer exists. Why the vendor discontinued the trading results is a complete mystery, however, it tells us that we should avoid this indicator. 

Pricing & refund

Currently, SFI Indicator is available at the price of $48. The vendor claims that this is a discounted price and the true price of the system is $80. Many vendors use this tactic to convince users that they are getting more than what they are paying for. There is no money-back guarantee for this indicator, which further increases the investment risk.

Customer reviews

User review for SFI Indicator on the official website.

We were unable to find any authentic user reviews for this indicator on third-party websites like Trustpilot, Forexpeacearmy, Myfxbook, and Quora. There are several customer reviews on the official website, but since these could have been doctored by the vendor, we cannot consider them genuine. The lack of reviews on third-party websites tells us that SFI Indicator has no reputation whatsoever.


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