Home Crypto Reverse GRID Bot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Reverse GRID Bot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Reverse GRID Bot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Reverse GRID Bot is a bot that was designed to place orders on a crypto market automatically. The presentation includes various explanations about what we have to expect from the system: trading directions, cross pairs, managing SL and TP levels, and so on. In this review, we will check if the system is a viable option to work with.

Reverse GRID Bot overview

The system is a downlod-free trading bot that was designed to work on the Pionex exchange. 

Reverse GRID Bot quick summary

Reverse Grid Bot works with a Grid strategy to spot trading opportunities. It opens Grids of orders to catch all market moves. 

What does Reverse GRID Bot offer?

The presentation includes various information about the system and its functionality. We have systemized all of this in the list. 

  • The robot will manage our account completely automatically. 
  • The system is focusing on increasing the number of tokens held by the bot and reduces the cost of holding the bot.
  • The reverse grid strategy works with the base currency on every pair to calculate how much the bot can obtain. 
  • It’s possible to create a reverse Grid, using the Pionex functionality. 
  • It measures the upper and lower prices to trade in this tunnel. 
  • We can customize setting a to increase our trading experience. 
  • It covers all orders with relevant SL and TP levels. 
  • The slippage levels can be managed either. 
  • It can create grids of orders in several ways. 
  • The core asset and pair to create grids of orders: ETH or ETH+USDT.
  • We can create our own trading bots based on this strategy. 
  • Profits in this strategy can be obtained in USDT and withdrawn in USDT only. 
  • The bot uses USDT to buy all ETH when a deal reaches SL or TP levels. 

Reverse GRID Bot reputation

The system was designed almost two years ago, in June 2020.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

We can work on the Pionex exchange. 


The bot is available for free. So, we can expect that we have to pay nothing and use it as long as we want. 

Security and privacy of Reverse GRID Bot

Reverse Grid Bot works using API keys to manage deals from our behalf. It can’t withdraw our account. 

What about the customer support?

We can expect to receive support via Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

Profitability of Reverse GRID Bot

The system doesn’t have verified trading results that would help us to understand how profitable it is. So, it’s a con. 

Deposits, withdrawals and fees

There are no such requirements because the system doesn’t require our funds to open or close orders. 

Advantages of Reverse GRID Bot

The system is free

We can work with the robot without a need of paying for it. 

Disadvantages of Reverse GRID Bot

Lack of trading results

It’s a con because we don’t know if the robot is profitable. 

No settings list provided

We don’t know what settings are allowed to be customized. 

No testimonials written

So, we also don’t know how the bot works for people and if they managed to customize it properly. 


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