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Rev. Jesse Jackson to Step Down from Rainbow PUSH Coalition


The Rev. Jesse Jackson, a prominent civil-rights leader and two-time presidential candidate, is planning to retire from his position as the leader of the Chicago-based national organization Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Founded by Jackson himself in 1971, this influential coalition has been at the forefront of the fight for civil rights.

The news of Jackson’s retirement was confirmed by a spokesperson for U.S. Rep. Jonathan Jackson, his son. According to sources, the elder Jackson will make an official announcement during the organization’s annual convention in Chicago on Sunday.

Having dedicated his life to championing justice and civil rights, Jackson’s impact on history is undeniable. His legacy will be forever marked by his unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of equality.

Despite health setbacks in recent years, including a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, gallbladder surgery, and a battle with COVID-19, Jackson has remained actively involved in civil-rights causes. His commitment to the movement has inspired countless individuals and communities.

Born out of his break with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1971, Jackson founded Operation PUSH. Originally named People United to Save Humanity, this organization had its roots on Chicago’s South Side and aimed to address various civil-rights issues.

Later renamed as the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the organization’s mission has evolved to encompass a wide range of initiatives. These include advocating for increased diversity and inclusion within corporations and conducting voter registration drives in communities of color. The coalition’s annual convention is scheduled for this weekend in Chicago.

Throughout his career, Jesse Jackson has been a powerful voice in American politics. His tireless efforts have shaped the course of civil rights in this country and his retirement signifies the end of an era. However, his impact and influence will undoubtedly continue to reverberate for generations to come.

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Jesse Jackson: A Trailblazer in the Civil Rights Movement

In the history of the United States, no Black candidate for the presidency had achieved as much success as Jesse Jackson until Barack Obama’s election in 2008. In his pursuit of the Democratic nomination in 1988, Jackson won an impressive 13 primaries and caucuses.

Jackson’s contributions to the modern civil rights movement have been significant. He has been instrumental in addressing various issues, including voting rights and education, and has played a vital role in guiding the movement.

One poignant moment that highlighted Jackson’s commitment to justice was his solidarity with the family of George Floyd. At a memorial for Floyd, a Black man who was tragically killed in 2020 by a white police officer, Jackson stood alongside the grieving family. Floyd’s death ignited a national reckoning with police brutality and racism, and Jackson’s presence at the memorial bore witness to this critical moment in American history.

Moreover, Jackson has actively participated in COVID-19 vaccination drives aimed at battling hesitancy within Black communities. By engaging directly with these communities, he has helped to foster trust and encourage vaccination.

The impact of Jackson’s work extends beyond activism. His influence has been particularly profound in his hometown of Chicago, where he is hailed as an “architect of the soul of Chicago” by Mayor Brandon Johnson. Leading the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Jackson has tirelessly fought for civil rights and social justice. His unwavering faith, perseverance, love, and dedication to people inspire all those who strive for a better tomorrow.

Recognized as a mentor and role model by many, Jackson has left an indelible mark on the civil rights movement. Al Sharpton, president and founder of the National Action Network, describes him as one of the most productive, prophetic, and dominant figures in the struggle for social justice in American history. Sharpton expressed his commitment to carry on Jackson’s legacy, learning from him and emulating his example within their organizations and media platforms.

Jesse Jackson’s resignation marks a significant moment in the civil rights movement. His impact will continue to shape the fight for justice and equality in America.

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