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Redshift Review

Redshift Characteristics

Redshift is a robot that was published on December 31, 2020, by Marco Solito. He’s a quite-known person on the MQL5 site. The current version of the robot is 1.80, released on February 19, 2021. 

How Redshift Robot Works

Redshift price

The presentation welcomes us with the information that the robot will cost $599. Almost $600 for this EA is overkill.

The system has the next features and parameters:

  • Redshift executes deals automatically for us.
  • The system was backtested on the real tick data from the broker with 99,99% accuracy, the actual spread, and real slippage.
  • The robot doesn’t use risky strategies to increase profitability like Grid or Martingale.
  • It covers deals with placing SL and TP levels.
  • We are free to use any broker we want.
  • The system requires ECN-account spreads to work better.
  • It requires a VPS service. 
  • We may start trading with 1:10 leverage.
  • The minimum deposit requirements are $100.
Redshift feedback
  • There’s still an option to write feedback and get the second product for free.
  • The product is released with the MT5 version too.
  • The robot marks its deals by a unique magic number.
  • The system allows setting a risk to the account balance for each open deal.
  • There’s a feature to determine trading days and hours.
  • The same we have with the directions.
  • The robot is equipped with a Trailing Stop Loss feature.

Applied Strategies

  • The main strategies are trend and counter-trend ones.
  • The developer mentioned that the robot performs an intraday-based strategy.
  • The robot used a MACD indicator as the main one to spot trading opportunities.
  • The expert advisor can make profits on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY.
  • It can work only in the M15 time frame.

Redshift Trading Results

Redshift Backtests

We’ve got a EUR/USD backtest on the M15 time frame. The seventeen-year tick data was used for this. The modeling quality was 99.90% with variable spreads. An initial deposit was $100. The total net profit has become $40,949K. The maximum drawdown was 876k (9.65%). Redshift closed 3995 trades with  a win-rate from 93% to 94%. The win-streak was 17 deals.

Redshift chart

The main page of the developer’s profile on myfxbook welcomes us with the accounts that are going down.

Redshift Myfxbook

We have a real account with 5% of the risk on FX Choice. The robot works on MT4 automatically with 1:200 leverage. The account has a verified track record. It was found on January 18, 2021, and funded at $105.44. It’s a little deposit to be afraid of losing it. Since then, the absolute gain amounted to +10.2% after several trades were lost. An average monthly gain is +9.62%. The maximum drawdown is – 30.11%. The account is tracked by 12 traders.

Redshift advanced statistics

The robot has traded 52 deals with 178.2 pips. An average win in pips is 13.38. An average loss in pips is -29.73. The win-rate is between 75% and 78%. An average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is 1.30.

Redshift trading results

The most frequently traded symbol is USD/JPY (13 deals). The most profitable currency pairs are EUR/USD with $9.60 and USD/CAD with $9.38.

Redshift trading results

The expert advisor trades during all trading sessions.

Redshift trading results

The most-traded days are Monday (11), Tuesday (12), and Wednesday (13 deals).

Redshift trading results

The account is run with insanely high risks to the account balance.

Redshift trading results

As we can see, there were three huge losses in a row. SL levels are unhealthy compared to the TP ones.

Redshift trading results

The developer opened a Martingale x10 times deal to recover.

Redshift monthly gain

Now, the robot is a scary expert advisor.

Pricing & Refund

Redshift pricing
  • The copy of Redshift costs $498.
  • We’ve got a one-month rent for $398. This pricing is weird and most likely warns people.
  • The robot is available for a free demo download.
  • The EA is delivered without a money-back-guarantee.

People feedback

Redshift People feedback

We’ve got an endless wall of fake comments. They were written to get a free copy of another EA.

Redshift People feedback
Redshift People feedback

To overtake a single SL level loss, the system can make over 12-15 TP level wins.

Other notes

Redshift portfolio

There’s a profile with a 42161 rating and a link on the Telegram channel. The portfolio includes six products and a single completed job. There’s no friend list.


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