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PZ Trend Trading Review

PZ Trend Trading

We’ve got another indicator from the MQL5 forum to review. It was released under a PZ brand. The system was activated 100 times. Users have downloaded it 8,423 times to check on the terminal. The indicator was published many years ago on December 06, 2013. Q

How PZ Trend Trading works

It’s time to figure out if the system can help us make profits. 

  • The indicator is a semi-automatic trading software. It can only show when it’s time to buy or sell. 
  • It works based on a Trend trading strategy. 
  • It spots trading opportunities “by analyzing what the price is doing during established trends.”
  • We can work with markets with confidence and efficiency. 
  • It recognizes profitable pullbacks, breakouts and early reversals
  • The indicator analyzes its own quality and performance. 
  • There’s a multi-timeframe dashboard. 
  • It doesn’t repaint after providing. 
  • It implements email/sound/visual alerts. 
  • It can inform us about breakout moves as well. 
  • A red dash is a correction during a downtrend. 
  • A blue dash is a correction during an uptrend. 
  • Blue Bars are a bullish sub-trend. 
  • Red Bars are a bearish sub-trend. 
  • We have a list of input parameters provided. 
  • We can ask the developer questions we have directly on the MQL5 platform or via email. 

Applied strategies

  • It works with Trend and Breakout strategies. 
  • We can work with any cross pair. 
  • It fits all time frames. 
  • Backtest reports are not provided.

PZ Trend Trading trading results

PZ Trend Trading live trading results.

We have a real USCCent account on EXNESS under automatic EA’s management. The leverage is 1:500. The platform used is MT4. The account has both a verified track record and trading privileges. It was deployed on December 29, 2020, deposited at 5,128 USC and withdrawn at 10,340 USC. Since then, the absolute gain has amounted to 1835.64%. An average monthly gain is 50.53%. The maximum drawdown is scary -71.93%. 

PZ Trend Trading results details.

The advisor has executed 172 orders with 6507 pips. An average win is 109.84 pips when an average loss is just a bit higher -123.85 pips. The win rate for longs is 72% when for shorts it is 66%. An average trade length is 15 hours 22 minutes. The profit factor is 2.21. 

PZ Trend Trading currency pairs.

It works with nine cross pairs. GBPUSD is the most actively traded symbol – 32 orders. Gold is the most profitable among them – 1812.93. 

PZ Trend Trading houry activities.

The robot opens orders only within the European trading session. 

PZ Trend Trading daily trading frequency.

Friday is the less traded and the less successful pair at the same time. 

PZ Trend Trading risks.

It works with sky-high risks to the account balance. The system has to lose only two orders to lose 10% of the account. 

PZ Trend Trading closed orders.

The advisor doesn’t use fixed lots. The robot can easily lose up to five orders in a row. 

PZ Trend Trading monthly trading results.

The robot works with insane risks, and it’s profitable so far. 

Pricing & refund

PZ Trend Trading offer.

We can buy the system for $299 for an indicator copy. It’s a scam price for an indicator. It’s three-five times higher than it should be. There’s a one-month rent for $49. The system is available for a demo download. 

People feedback

PZ Trend Trading people’s testimonials on MQL5.

It’s a few pieces of feedback compared with the number of activations. So, they cannot be represented. 

Other notes

The dev’s portfolio.

We can see the list of 179 products. 

The developer’s profile.

Arturo Lopez Perez from Andorra has a 948,342 rate. His products have a 3.9 rate based on 1114 testimonials. He has only four accounts with signals.


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