Home News PTC Therapeutics Signs $1.5 Billion Royalty Agreement for Evrysdi

PTC Therapeutics Signs $1.5 Billion Royalty Agreement for Evrysdi


PTC Therapeutics, a leading biopharmaceutical company, saw a significant surge in its shares following the signing of a lucrative $1.5 billion royalty agreement with Royalty Pharma for their groundbreaking drug, Evrysdi.

Promising Market Response

In early trading, the stock experienced a notable 18% increase, reaching $24.25. However, despite this positive development, shares are still down over a third year-to-date.

A Lucrative Deal

Under the terms of the agreement, PTC Therapeutics will receive an upfront payment of $1 billion from Royalty Pharma in exchange for additional royalties on the sales of Evrysdi. PTC will maintain ownership over approximately 19% of the Evrysdi royalty stream.

Flexible Options

The deal also grants PTC Therapeutics the flexibility to exercise two options. They can choose to either sell all of their remaining royalties on the spinal muscular atrophy drug for up to a staggering $500 million or sell half of those royalties to Royalty Pharma for up to $250 million.

Strategic Use of Funds

Proceeds from the royalty agreement will be allocated towards retiring all of PTC’s outstanding debt obligations with Blackstone Life Sciences and financing their planned operations.


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