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President Biden Calls for Fair Agreement in Auto Workers Negotiations


President Joe Biden is urging the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Detroit’s Big Three automakers to come together and reach a fair agreement as the union’s worker contracts are set to expire in a month. In a recent statement, President Biden emphasized the importance of collaboration between all parties involved.

The UAW represents approximately 146,000 workers at Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis. Recently, the union has requested a 40% increase in pay for factory workers under a new four-year labor contract. It is worth noting that the UAW has not yet endorsed President Biden’s reelection bid.

President Biden supports a smooth transition towards a clean-energy economy and believes it can present a mutually beneficial opportunity for both auto companies and unionized workers. The president’s statement highlights his commitment to collective bargaining and his encouragement for all sides to work towards a fair resolution.

While concerns about potential work stoppages during the negotiations have been raised, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserts that President Biden strongly supports collective bargaining.

As negotiations continue between the UAW and Detroit’s automakers, President Biden’s call for a fair agreement emphasizes his dedication to supporting American workers and fostering collaboration within the automotive industry.


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