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Today in this Premium FX Bot review, we will tell you about a new EA, launched in the middle of 2020, which is promising to be a ‘NEW GENERATION OF TRADING’. The team that stands for this EA claims they are a leading software providing company, focused on ‘high-quality programming solutions’.

The information they share on their sales page has nothing specific that could differentiate their product from the other EAs available in the Forex market.  Premium FX Bot comes with:

PREMIUM FX BOT presentation

Long story short, there is very little to no information provided that could convince us to invest money in this new project.


The developer does not provide this information on their website and the information they share in their “meet Premium FX Bot Work” section has nothing in common with describing how the system works.


We only know that:

  • The devs provide free installation
  • The minimum deposit to start trading with this robot is $200
  • The EA works only on the MT4 platform
  • The robot works on demo and live real accounts. What? Do you know any EA that is unable to work on the Real or Demo account?
  • The robot has a well-designed money management system (we are not told what exactly)

Applied Strategies

Unfortunately, the devs of this MT4 tool failed to provide a detailed trading strategy insight. They tell us how the FX market is great, but it seems out of place. They add that they provide the latest modified Forex expert advisors for successful and risk-free trading.

PREMIUM FX BOT Applied Strategies

PREMIUM FX BOT Trading Results

Currently, the developers are sharing only 1 fxblue account:

PREMIUM FX BOT Trading Results

This Real USD account was launched on August 30, 2020, and since that time, it has obtained a total return of over 89.7% with a monthly gain of 63.4% and zero drawdowns. For over 1 month of trading, the EA has placed 59 trades with an 86.4% win rate. It has won 51 trades and lost 8 trades. The average trade length is 18.94h.

PREMIUM FX BOT Trading Results

Based on quick gains, it seems that the robot uses a high-risk trading approach and it will be odd if the account does not crash in the nearest feature.

Pricing & Refund

Interested in the software traders can buy the software for $109- $149, depending on the package they want to choose:


The price points are affordable and if not lower than the average price for most Forex EAs.

Unprofessional Website Design

Their website includes basic info about the robot, its features, how the system works, trading results, backtesting, price, and contact details. To tell the truth, the website design as well as the website content is poorly organized. We have squeezed images and unprofessionally written website content by a person who does not speak English fluently.  

PREMIUM FX BOT Website Design

Today in this highly competitive Forex market world, every developer tries to be as smart as possible, and representing professional-looking websites is one of the main priorities to attract traders’ attention and encourage them to invest in the product they offer. So, why didn’t the vendors hire a professional writer or at least a copywriter to provide good, professionally written content on their website? What we see on premiumfxbot.com has nothing common with professionalism.


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