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PipsAlert Review


What do we know about PipsAlert?

Today’s review will be about Pips Alert. They introduced themself as a company that helps about 3200 traders who run over $15 million in assets.

PipsAlert presentation

The next we can see is a video about how great they are.

PipsAlert comments

As we could see from the comment section, people were so skeptical about the company’s potential. There’s no even single comment from the developers, do, they don’t care about the community.

The devs offer us the service as a “Signals From the Top 4% of Traders.” Of course, it’s a lie.

PipsAlert trades

There’s a slider with some of the not verified results.

PipsAlert presentation

So, about “elite” traders, we’ve told. Idk, why do we need a free training course if we just blandly copy trades, and exactly for this we’re here. If we would like to be trained we find a successful trader who runs at least a $200k+ account and learn from him. No name teachers? No, thanks! We’re so skeptical about 4500+ pips monthly. If it was true signal owner will be multimillionaires. One single trade of them would overtake all monthly donations for signals from all the customers. “Long-Tem Focused” sounds like nonsense. They said they reinvested in traders, staff, and so on. Where we can see all these people? Any picture or FB/LinkedIn profile? So, it’s another lie. Can we see screenshots from $1M traders’ accounts? Of course no, so, it’s a lie.

PipsAlert presentation

It’s a list of what we’ll receive working with this signal provider.

We’ve tried to find out more about the people behind service, but in the “About us” section there are just stock photos.

People feedback

PipsAlert feedback

All people’s feedback presented on the site s two years old. So, it’s fake because it was designed for a marketing company and launching the site.

What they call “trading results”

PipsAlert Trading results

For us, it’s a picture that proves nothing. 

PipsAlert Community results

“Community results” look like this. We can’t trust them, because it can be easily photoshopped. 


PipsAlert pricing

There are just two packages, but we’ve seen in trading results many more signals.

PipsAlert Trading results

Where are the rest?

Nevertheless, access costs $60 / monthly. We can expect 1.3-3K pips instead of 4.5K pips offered earlier. We’ll receive 15-20 signals weekly.

Social networks

PipsAlert Social networks

We don’t know about 3200 traders they help, but there are not even all the employees who follow the account. 

PipsAlert Social networks

The account has got just seven tweets. The last ones have been over a year ago.

Summing up


  • No pros


  • A lot of manipulations across the site
  • No strategy explanations provide
  • No trading results provided
  • No team introduction provided
  • Five signals introduced but two sold
  • High prices
  • Pips we can earn varies across the presentation
  • No answers for the people’s comments on YouTube
  • Dead social network profiles
Overall rating
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